Site statistics

I was just wondering if there was anyway to have site statistics like on the previous forums? The amount of people on at the moment, most visited day, stuff like that? Not really important, just stuff I enjoyed knowing about lol

We have those stats in the backend, but they aren’t disabled publicly. Something we can look into to see if it is possible.

In the meantime in your profile you can setup an email that sends you the most popular threads of the day or week.

Ah ok I see. Thanks for the reply!

Public access stats can be found here:

And here:

As @Oxygen says, everything else is on the backend.

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You are on this @CStyles45

Someone has been reading the Discourse forums :smiley:

Haha. Yep! I’ve been doing my research with my free time at work. Anything to help out the team!

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Oh I must’ve not scrolled down all the way on the about page, my bad. Thanks!