Site freezing issue?

In the past week i have had issues with the site freezing immediately after bringing me to a page from my notifications.

I can find no consistency, it just happens sometimes when i click a notification.

Anyone else?

I use chrome with addblock on windows 8, but this only began a week ago.
Chrome still functions perfectly when the freeze occurs, but the page is frozen immediately after loading.
Again, the loading appears fully successful, but the page is un-interactable, and must be force closed.

I see you mention notifications. Sorry, just to clarify, are you talking about the forums?

No issues from me on this.

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Yes, when i click my icon in the top right, that pulls down my notification list. When i click on a notification (most commonly an old reply), the page will load completely, then freeze and become un-interactable, and un-refreshable. I must “kill the page” when i am given the prompt, then re-enter the website in my search bar.

Video info: