Site "Edit" Message

So every once in a while, I’ll get a notification from the site saying “Edit”. Sometimes it occurs after I’ve edited a post, which would make sense, but other times it happens to posts I left well enough alone.
I’m curious, what does it all mean?

Next time it happens, do you think you could take a screenshot of it?

Sure. Here’s a screenshot of the most recent one that inspired this post, if it helps.

The weird thing is, nothing seems to have changed after I receive the notification.
Even weirder, the top one I’d edited. The bottom one I’d left completely untouched.

Okay, so it happened again just a few minutes ago
I posted a comment on the thread of this name. Since I was trying to post it through mobile using a photobucket IMG it took a few attempts to actually get it to post.
My one question would have to be…
Is this just a notification confirming any editing I’ve done? I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d remember editing something. Maybe since it’s a system message it pops up for those who have their posts edited by moderators as well?

It’s possible that this is discussed here:

If that is the case, things are normal and you can carry on :smile:

Oh alright. My curiosity is satisfied. Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :wink:
Glad I could be of some assistance.