Simple suggestion to buff Shago PT.2

First of all let me start by saying that I am a newb. Its been 3 months and Im starting to shake the mantle of clueless to comp fodder. So please hold off all “this is a bad suggestion because youre a noob” comments. Please be constructive.

I think Shago should get slightly more meter from blocked/landed fireballs. Thematically and mechanically I think this would be a great yet simple way to buff the character without making him unbalanced.

You could say that since he has more meter to play with hes more likely to shadow you all day and this increases his damage exponentially. Thats true but Shago uses meter for a lot of things. He needs meter to do damage or be safe. Not both. By giving him slightly more meter from JUST fireballs I think this makes the character more viable overall because of HOW he can use meter.

Thematically this matches the dichotomy between Jago and Shago. Jago’s instinct fireballs lets him regenerate HUGE amounts of life so non-instinct shago fireballs enhances his offense in a small but legitimate way.

Mechanically it matches Shago’s thirst for shadow meter and offsets the fact that he might as well be throwing waterballoons at his opponents most of the time.

It WOULD make him unbalanced, IMO, especially against certain matchups, like with my main, Aganos, who already gives his opponents more meter by default…

Perhaps…now the question is. How much more would ask you ask for? 1%? 5%? 25%?

We all know Aganos needs a buff more than any other character in the game.

Shago intentionally builds less meter than most characters because he’d be broken if he had meter all the time, heck just look at all the crazy stuff tether lets him do simply by cutting his meter expenditure by half.

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The joke failed.

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35%~ I think would be a great buff. If its too make then they can start bringing it down. Same with Jago’s unlimited fireball works lifegain shenanigans.

Thats mainly for instinct. Where Jago’s instinct spikes his survivability, Shago’s instinct spikes his lethality. For Shago instinct, if fireballs do generate more meter then they shouldnt generate even more when instinct is activated. Instinct is supposed to be bonkers. Just look at Sabrewulf’s feral cancels. Or Sad ira’s webtraps. General extra meter from fireballs dont really add anything new to Shago’s instinct arsenal.

And Shago would only gain slightly more meter ONLY from fireballs. Its specific and its not meant to flood him with resources, only give him extra if he can do it. Heck, maybe the fireball extra meter only works if it connects if youre so worried about it.

Honestly can’t tell if you’re serious or being sarcastic, but In case of the former, while I wouldn’t mind buffing him in some way (don’t even begin to ask me how), I don’t think he needs it more than any other character - that honor, I think, goes to Kim Wu. In any case, that’s off-topic, so…

…for Shago, I think he’s largely right where he needs to be, meter and all. I think he ain’t broke, therefore I say don’t fix him.

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The entire point of his fireballs building a low amount of meter is because it would be too strong for him to be able to build up a large stock of resources with his very effective runaway game. He would never have to engage you without a stock of meter to back himself up.

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Pretty much what @DEClimax said. Shago has one of the more potent runaway games across the entire cast - generally speaking, very few characters can catch him if he doesn’t want them to. Moreover, some characters in the game just flat-out can’t avoid his fireballs - incidentally, two characters (Raam and Aganos) with the hardest time catching him in the first place fall into this boat.

The combination of these things means that Shago with buffed fireball meter on block would basically always have that meter, and would basically just always run away and zone until he could build enough meter to start some really nasty shenanigans, as opposed to his garden variety shenanigans. Meter is always a big deal, but with Shago it’s a really big deal, and he shouldn’t be able to build it more or less for free.

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We don’t all know this. Aganos is actually very very good. Because of the nature of the character he has some pretty wild matchups (some good some bad), but he’s definitely not in the bottom half of the roster.

As far as the suggestion to give Shago more meter, I have only ever played Shago on a casual level. I think I’m at level 36. But it seems to me that he builds meter pretty well. While I agree that meter is very important to him (like a lot of characters) I think Shago is able to dance around and build meter without truly committing to much in a way that most characters can’t. So I don’t see why he needs a buff here.

Everything is a question of degree, so I don’t think this buff would make him super powerful. But I think instead it would be better for you to practice more disciplined meter management. Some uses of his meter are better than others and while it’s tempting to sling 5 fireballs and Surge slide all day because these score you hits, they aren’t very good meter investments. So I would come down on the side suggesting Shago doesn’t need a buff, but meter management is part of his character.

EDIT: just read the rest of the thread. 35% more meter for fireballs would be broken.

That’s way too much of a buff. Shadow Jago not only has really fast projectile’s but his ability to pump them out quickly in succession give him an extremely strong advantage. Add to it that he has an air fireball, something only 3 other characters have, and he can really cut off both grounded and aerial approaches while gaining super fast meter.

Him gaining meter that much would allow him to do all sorts of trickery and give wildly powerful damage output. He’s in a good place now, where you have to do some meter management but you earn exceptional rewards in the form of strong mixups if you play the management game correctly. If he gains more meter more quickly, you run the risk of that mixup gain being too frequent and unstoppable. He would always have meter to recapture off throw, always have meter to use his shadow cash out, he’d never be at a loss for it, and he’d be too easy to play him mindlessly.