Simple request: Confirmation prompt before skipping a turn

Pressing Y on Shadow Lords is kinda tricky. Sometimes i waste a turn accidentally by pressing the Y button to get the daily reward when i see i’ve just wasted a turn for no big reason. Please fix it.


                             [YES]    NO

I would like to get rid of the auto-ending turns.

No it isn’t. I made that mistake during my first run of SL and not a single time since. The menus are different enough for you to realize what pressing Y would do (if you can see the missions, don’t press it).

Nothing to fix when its user error.

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“This isn’t a problem I have, so no one should have this problem”


Well it is user error. All one needs to do is keep track what menu they are on. Relax, have some clarity of thought. Boom right as gold.


That is not what I said, but thanks for your helpful contribution.
If the reason, as OP has given, is because of the Daily Rewards, it really isn’t that hard to keep track of which menu you’re on. And like I said before, if you can see the missions, don’t press Y. Is that so hard to remember?

C’mon…it’s actually so difficult to consider that someone could also press accidentally and skip turn? It would be a simple and good implementation of the UI for a mode like this.
With an arcade stick (which is much more sensible than a pad) for example, it wouldn’t be so difficult to press Y accidentally.
Given the fact you can equip artifacts which last for a pre-determined number of turns and, perhaps, you paid real money for them and you could waste some of them this way…a mere confirmation would be helpful for bad, bad, inattentive people and nothing too annoying for wise and careful people.

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Not really, its happened to me. But it is really difficult to consider that it would happen so many times that it would necessitate a confirmation dialogue. If anything, it helps to stop you from spamming buttons which will only help your gameplay.
Daily rewards are visible only at the Main Menu. Y only serves the purpose of skipping a turn after a mission, so why press it then? Spam the A button or the B button or the X button, none of which will hurt your run barring some silly post-match choice.
Let me be clear, I’m ok with it being implemented if they want to, I just find OP’s reasoning to be weak.

I’d also think that daily rewards should not even need to open the rewards list in order to unlock…if you already satisfied the conditions what’s the meaning to open again that menu only for a notification?
It would be better to have a pop-up to notify the unlock after the first fight --> press A to close --> done, just like the notifications about artifacts expiration (something like that) and leave that menu for check purposes.
It’s a very minor “problem”, anyway.

Now you’re just getting lazy.

Like I said in another thread, we dont need more pop-ups.

I mentioned changing the rewards button to something else (perhaps the menu button) to avoid confusion.

Also @CrimsonScorch88 replied with the idea of holding the Y button for 2 seconds to skip a turn, which to me would also be a viable option.

I dont really see it as a problem though, but especially for newcomers I can imagine it to be annoying. So if it wouldnt take too much programming time why not change it for those people?