Simple Fan Request: KI2 Soundtrack

I’m sure i’m not the only person who has thought of, and/or, mentioned this, but I thought it’d be a good time to start a topic about adding the KI2 soundtrack to training mode, perhaps theres already a topic or two about this, im not sure, i didnt see one.

Anyway, with the original KI soundtrack unlockable in the training mode, i always thought of training with Jago’s KI2 theme playing, or Gargos’ theme, but as both seasons progressed, nothing has changed with training besides the addition of CB Training, I ask my fellow forum members and fellow KI fans all around to post in the topic about adding the Killer Instinct 2 soundtrack we got with the S2 OST into the training mode, lets see if we can convince the devs to consider this request


Personally this should always be at the very bottom just under Ultimates, but I wouldn’t mind, granted I actually hardley ever use the alternate environmental music in training mode.

I agree this should be under Ultimates, but its still a feature that would be great to have, if you wanna train, might as well have some hype music to train to

Another alternative for me is just playing the music on my computer while I play : D

I thought they would a put it in s2 but since 3 ki2 characters are returning they’ll probably put them in this season

Yea that’s honestly what I’m thinking as well

They need to make the Dojo select able in VS game play…therefor we can play actual matches with old KI sound tracks and the old KI stage effects on the back wall.

I’ve been wanting this to be added for the longest time. KI2 has some of my favorite tracks not only in regards to KI, but some of my favorite tunes to listen to in general. The sooner KI2 tracks can be added to the lab, the better! :heart_eyes: