It’s implied she’s making weapons out of her own blood. Silver blood? Is it not red because it’s a T rated game?

Everyone is very quick to jump on the silver, but am I the only person who noticed something dark pulse up through her veins when she locked on her gauntlets during her intro?

Think it’s safe to say the gauntlets are changing the color when they weaponize her blood.


Why is everyone saying the blood color is for the rating? The other characters dump buckets of blood when they’re hit.


I don’t understand the blood really.

It looks jarring.

I’m still hyped for Mira tho.

I noticed the gauntlet too. I thought that vamps naturally had black/silver blood cause undead and all. But it’s clear the gauntlet is what is weaponizing her blood

I think they said during the stream that it’s story related why her blood is silver.


It’s most likely a story related thing. I think it looks really awesome, like some of the best fx in the game. It also might be more practical. I imagine the metallic look pops more, making stuff like the bats easier to see.

I like it. A lot.

Se may not really have any actual “Blood” to speak. Or it is likely like this because she’s a vampire, so she isn’t going to bleed red.

I think it’s “convenient” that RFD blood is silver and not red. I don’t think it had the strict intent of not having red blood.

I think the silver grey liquid looks awesome

probably for the sake of visibility.

I just think the whole “use of blood as a weapon” (regardless of color) is just plain weird, and even worse, not very vampire-like at all. I’ve NEVER seen any vampire from ANYWHERE ever actually use their own blood as a weapon…

Also, watching that reveal stream for the 1st time on a day where I was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting didn’t sit too well with me either…

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That’s a good point. Blood shooting out of opponents and Mira’s weapons being blood too would be a jumbled mess.