Silver Pro-Star for finishing top 100?

Understand devs are busy and would rather have all Ultimates and Stages for each character but this section is light hearted so, could there be a silver pro-star for finishing in top 100?

Glad KI is going on year 4, but the double-edged sword is that now there is a big skill gap between S1 vets and S3 noobs.


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And let’s have smiley face for installing game and bronze pro star for finishing tutorial.


HAAHAHAHA omfg I’m sorry i can’t :joy::joy::joy:

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The reason that only the Top 32 get stars is that typically in FG tournaments only the Top 32 or higher placing players get paid. Top 100 is very good, but it doesn’t warrant the same kind of recognition as being among the very best.


Then there’s also people who cheat to get there.

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As much as I would like one for being in the top 100 killers it’d be a bad idea. Pro stars would lose their meaning.

agree with much of the above, but the point is, half the top 32 is now people with multiple and sometimes double-digit stars, and less with noobs getting their first star

i see, that makes sense

Although I wouldn’t think this system is a great idea, I wouldn’t mind being able to have your numerical Killer rank shown on your player card. I think this would give people a fair gauge of skill in ranked.


I think this works much better! This way, someone in any rank of Killer can show their current place on the leaderboards while keeping the Pro Star reward special

At higher levels of play, current position on the Ranked leaderboard is virtually meaningless. If you were to run into, say, me, and I’m in 2000th place, all that means is that I haven’t played much Ranked this month, and now you’ve got a false impression that I’m not very good. Or alternately, you run into someone in 75th place who only has a win ratio of 53%. That guy is as likely to give you the game as the reverse, but all his placing really tells you is that he’s got a lot of time on his hands. The Pro Stars themselves already have this problem; expanding the pool further down would just exacerbate it.


No, instead please hide everything! I don’t even know what having ranked points is like, but I like the big shiny “Killer” sign next to my name. :sweat_smile: