Silicon Graphics Costumes

If you mean the downgraded SNES/N64 graphics than yeah I agree it looked kinda poopy.

I meant KI2 & KI “Gold”…yeah the Super Nintendo one was a cheap imitation of the Original, but at least it was still Killer Instinct…I wasn’t complaining about the graphics themselves of the other 2, it’s just they took almost everything that was great about the Original & made it…not great. Costumes, voices, animations, pretty much EVERYTHING, I honestly can’t believe it was actually still made by Rare…I haven’t a clue about anything to do with programming & I think I could have made a more faithful “sequel”.

I always preferred KI1 arcade because I thought Tusk, Maya and Kim-Wu were poor substitutes for Cinder, Thunder and Riptor. But graphically and gameplay-wise KI2 arcade was superior. KI snes and KIGold were a bit disappointing because they had to downgraded: animation frames removed, music down-sampled, etc. to fit it onto the cart.

2018 here! Oh man i thoug i was the only person in the world that that would be a fantastic idea! love the silicon graphics effect!

Impressive necro skills…

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