Is there an option for signatures that I missed? If so, I haven’t seen it. If it’s not there, I think it should be re-added. :wink:

Yes, signatures. This is something we would definitely love to see return. We are investigating what it will take to make that happen and if it is possible.

Thanks for the feedback.


Signatures are a must. Makes the forum look pretty

Ah the constant struggle in my CM life. What is, “pretty,” when it comes to forum posts? Some would say cleanliness, while others strive for customization. We’ll find what’s right for here!

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Yeah it gives the poster a custom feeling , the old 640x 160 sigs that I made ,I made at custom request and each one is stored not only on my harddrive but has to be hosted by a phtobucket or something like that for a DirectCode link to paste on their profile so it shows up everytime they paste ,and I have a thousand or so, the messages we post need to be square and rectangle like the boxes we write in so the signature looks better that way

Posters can get a custom feeling from their usercard. It provides a sense of personalization without bloating the page aesthetically or in terms of bandwidthe.

Considering that a single image in a signature would balloon the page calls by well over 100% (in reality much more), it’d be unlikely there’d be images. So signatures would be just text. What would this text be? Some would likely use it appropriately with a clever motto/quote, others would use it to promote their own websites and other non-contributing additions.

A perhaps better idea would be to discuss how we as a community can encourage people to check the userbadges (click an avatar once).

I see what you’re saying, and you’re right. I mean a usercard is basically a signature that just doesn’t show up in all your posts. Even the little bio and trust level takes the place of quotes and rank from the other forum. I suppose that if someone made a signature photo it could be displayed on the card. The thing is that there really isn’t any reason to check that card, unless you’re sending them a message. If you wanted to know what their card looks like you’d click on it to see, but then that’s it. So really the only meaningful customization is the profile pic. The only way I can think of to encourage more attention to them is some kind of contest maybe? Have people vote on who has the best usercard? This might introduce the idea to those who don’t know and maybe encourage people to look at them from time to time, but I don’t imagine it would last too long. I dunno. I’m not the most creative, so maybe there are better ideas. Just all I could think of.

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