Sibling Character In S3?

I’ve read somewhere (most probably here on the forums) that one character that was confirmed for season 3 was a sibling of a character in season 2 (not sure how true this is hence I’ve put this in suggestions) and it got me thinking… who’s sibling?
I had this idea while reading assassination classroom that what if this sibling wasn’t related directly to the character but created in the same place… this place being where RIPTOR was created making it the sibling of riptor.
this is all just a theory of what could happen in story.
what do you think? because heck do I know.

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Riptor has a batch of siblings so we can count her out, I’m not sure Aganos and Aria can possibly have siblings and Omen is a bonus character that few people care about.

So that leaves TJ Combo, Maya, Cinder, Hisako and Kan-Ra, I think Cinder would be the most interesting putting in a a female elemental character as his sister.

With hisako being my main I think I would start crying from joy if she has a sibling

could be Cinder.

I think if it is Hisako they could do a story like her brother/sister hired the bandits to attack the village for some reason perhaps jealous revenge for something she done also could use the chance to add in a samurai type character .

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If it’ll be Cinder who’ll have a sibling, I can picture him having a sister who’ll be wielding the element of wind/air.

Perhaps as the “Bishamon” of KI.

Or a water element.

I feel like if it’s cinders that it won’t have anything to do with the elements like they’re made of rock or can wield the air due to the fact that cinder wasn’t born as he is… He was crippled in a war and became an experiment of aria (I believe but could be wrong) meaning they most likely don’t have any special abilities unless they use equipment for it.
It could be a sibling of cinder but if it is I don’t think it will look and act like it’s expected.

If Cinder would have a sister, and possessing wind, I could see her brother working for Ultratech and becoming a thief as a mistake.

Yea this is actually incorrect! He became essentially a mercenary for hire. He was investigating UltraTech from the inside, somehow his cover was blown, and ended up agreeing to take part in the excitement? The details haven’t been revealed so im not entirely sure, but nothing about him being injured or anything.

A bit more I topic, if I had to guess I’d say Maya would be the one with a sibling.

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IIRC, @TempusChaoti said that there were talks of a sibling of the current cast for Season 3 in the old forums, which would be interesting now wouldn’t it? List is my opinion.

Who would be the most eligible:

  • Sadira
  • Glacius
  • TJ
  • Maya
  • Hisako
  • Cinder


  • Jago & Orchid (adding another sibling to the mix…?)
  • Sabrewulf (Biggest chance of this list, he’s only 50 IIRC)
  • Kan-Ra (Biggest longshot - over 2,000 years old)
  • Riptor (Already know that there are other primal units out there)
  • Aganos (Genderless being… but could the supporters of the King be considered as siblings?)
  • Omen (Can manifested spirits have siblings?)

Most Likely Not Happening:

  • Thunder & Fulgore (i.e. Eagle)
  • Spinal (over 600 years old)
  • Kan-Ra (over 2,000 years old)
  • Aria (an AI program)
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My take from these…

Sadira: Since she’s a “spider,” how about a “scorpion”?

TJ Combo: I can picture him having like a brother, who is working for Ultratech as a soldier. If Ultratech would have human soldiers that fight like Captain America. Perhaps he can be an MMA fighter.

Maya: Maya’s Incan. An Aztec work?

Hisako: Perhaps a brother who secretly set up the sabotage on her village during the Sengoku period. He can be a mix of Bishamon, Silver Samurai & Yoshimitsu.

Cinder: I still say a wind character can be the best opportunity. If it is a sister for Cinder, I’d picture her made by a rival corporation of Ultratech.

Glacius: I don’t see him having siblings.

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