Show Lords Idea Suggestion: Adding Co-Op and online modes to Shadow Lords

Well, If you wantto play SL with your friends when you are alone in a single player Sl mode, you can see which of your friends are online and if there is anyone online, you can just invite them to play shadow lords to play missions with them and to get some help from them and getting some awersome rewards after battles. And how about adding a co-op SL mode for casual playing, competitive playing and championship mode for getting more rewards? You can select your dificulty option that suits to you, or you can just select higher dificult for more rare rewards and for more number of items, and to complete missions in shadow lords as well :slight_smile: Well, if you are in a match you can spectate your friend playing, using chat and voice chat, or you can just play with him and using anychat if you want. There is two versus modes that you want to choose to play with: With AI only or with humans only. What do you think? :slight_smile:


Most players don’t like shadow lords. There are a few of us that do. The SL multiplayer mode does not get used by lot of people either. It always comes down to use is using epic guardians and damage / health reducing buffs wins. Alot of players don’t want to waste their items on a multiplayer match when they have more use in SL mode.

There just aren’t enough players that like SL to do this.

Dude, this main article is more focused on Co-Op mode (cooperation mode), which means you can team up with some players (friends or non-friends), which means if you have a stronger team collegue, maybe he is they key for helping you on the missions.

I understand what you want. You want a mode for help. Someone to do the hard matches, and still allow you to benifit from it.

I am going to take a shot in the dark and bet this is about the Astral stage. You want a Co-op mode so someone else can do the matches and allow you to get the stage when they beat Gargos.

If it is about the stage, then just use the tips I stated above, and use Eyedol in your team.

Co-op shadow lords is a great idea. My brother and my nephew and I have had lots of fun doing cooperative boss runs at Injustice 2. Seems like they could do something similar for Shadow Lords. Probably a lot of work but in my opinion it would be super fun. I have very little interest in single player SL - just because that’s not how I like to play. But if I could do it coop with friends I would certainly play more.

Nah, It’s not about the topic i wrote lately.

This idea is kinda cool! But one slight problem… not enough story missions for other characters. Other than that it’d be awesome to see

I think more peeps would be interested in SL multiplayer if it was available to use locally, Imagine how Hilarious those matches would be with friends on the couch. As for what you’ve mentioned about an online Co op SL, while it sounds great at first it seems like it would be really complicated to implement. I’d rather they do something akin to the guild multiverses in Injustice where there is a set amount of things that you and your friends try to handle both by yourselves and together sometimes.

Not only the Local play is that fun, there are people who want to play with other people online, but cool idea tho.