Shout out to the Streamers

The past couple weeks I’ve noticed a lot more stream activity in KI and it has been great. Bass with some great high level match streams, @Infilament breaking down matches and guys like flash just playing for the fun of it. Streams have been really positive and pretty active. Seeing 60+ viewers pop into these streams. So yeah I think KI is doing really well right now and the guys repping the streams are doing a great job promoting it’s greatness. So if you’re out there repping the game and running a positive stream Keep it up! #PlayKI #FightOn


Trying to get back into streaming KI, do some casual stuff like Shadow Lords and Exhibition. If I didn’t work so much it would be easier. Mainly my free days all include chores right now. If I do stream it’s super late when not many people come hang out.

Keep on fighting the good fight. Whats your channel name? I’ll throw you a follow.

Shameless self promotion ho!!! lol

Followed :slight_smile:

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Thanks fellas :slight_smile: Hopefully I can entertain you one day. I eventually want to get in a routine where I stream a few times a week, now that things are settling down at work and the store is all set I think I can.