Shouldn't we pin that feedback survey?

So there’s a community feedback survey on the front page, and I think it deserves a pin.


I rated myself a 6 out of 10, lol. Too high :smile:

Some answers to certain questions can be difficult to interpret. Example: “What do you play most single or multi player?” Tbh, I play a lot of single player to be better prepared for online multiplayer matches. So I would like to spend more time in multi player but I am not at the moment. But I enjoy multi player the most!

A few answers I gave:

Strongest: Fulgore, Jago, KanRa
Weakest: Cinder, Aganos, Omen
Most interesting: Hisako, Cinder, Aganos
Least favorite to fight against: Omen
Most challenging to fight against: KanRa
Who do you play the most: Orchid, but not recently

Didn’t have enough options to talk about Maya and Tj combo.

You dont like omen?/ WTH??? lol

did you do the 2nd page? It has option about all characters

I love Omen, originally my choice as a main. But I am waiting for more colors and accessories before leveling up to 50.
BUT, he is my least favorite to fight against because I cannot read his linkers very well and the random fireballs give me trouble.

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