Shouldn't Omen end up being purple?

So I was thinking about possible colors 7-10 for Omen when I remembered the big shadow VFX change. Between shadow moves emitting a purple haze and the shadow bar being purple as well, shouldn’t Omen be purple? He IS shadow energy incarnate after all. Maybe they’ll reference his backstory where he’s interested in becoming more than a servant to Gargos.


I agree. I love that there is a glitch to turn Omen purple in Thunders stage. I will always pick that stage just for the chance that the glitch happens.

(No clue how it happens, so i cant give details.)


I’d love purple Omen to be a full time thing.
Let’s turn this bug into a feature!

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They said that shadow energy being purple was a canonical thing. Omen doesnt have a story, so i hope that doesnt exclude him from getting updated as well.

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Well storywise didn’t Aria defeat him so technically he’s dead by the time S3 starts no?

ARIA fought him, we don’t know the outcome. We can assume it.

Sadira, on the other hand, was indeed killed by Cinder. (In fact poor Sadira has been defeated in three story modes: Cinder, Orchid and Glacius)

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i think omen needs some love before he goes purple…

given how well received hes been i was hoping that in season 3 he would have got some more attention and become a real boy.

i love him the way he is BUT hes a huge wasted opportunity… he could be STUNNING!


There’s always Color 6…

I posted a similar topic a while back. I think the most compelling evidence that Omen might go purple in the future is this image from Kan Ra’s story mode. Though I suppose the guy in the middle could be Gargos since the face is obscured. I’m pretty sure they did the same thing with ARIA in season 1.

I also find it interesting that the two Omen-like guys on the left and right have a color that is similar to the mist in the background of the new level 4 enders.


That would actually be really cool, I hope they do that tbh

Forget about purple.

Rainbow Omen, as Rash


The first time they showed off the purple shadow animations. Someone said it.

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I’m confused. Isn’t that what color 6 is?

Color six is very bright. I mean like the current default, but dark purple. He already has two shades of red. I hope no one took this as a complaint. It was just a funny thought I had.

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If you choose Color 6, then play on Thunder’s stage, sometimes a glitch will happen where he looses his inner glow. Then he looks just like his Default color, but with Purple edges. It looks sick.

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It actually happens every time your in instinct and into ultra dynamic theme.

I could have sworn it happened mid-game last Forum Battles.

Possibly, but I know from my experience as I’ve noticed this along time ago…it always happens when Im the opponent is in danger and I’m double ultra’ing my opponent with instinct.

Its possible mid match while in instinct it happened. But im pretty confident that every time you use color #6 and at the end of the match while in instinct on thunders stage…he turns black and purple.

I try to use thunders stage every time I use color #6

Omen’s color 6 is what you’re looking for… And he already has it.