Should we get a KI Classic Rwmake

Something like a KI2 with updated graphics and adding the characters that were in 1 and not in 2 to the game. Also allowing online multiplayer. What you think should Microsoft have it done.

Would be cool to see a hand drawn Ki. Animations have to be on point like skull girls or third strike though.

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No, just add a classic ladder mode to the current game.

Only allow retro costumes & characters, make some retro stages, etc.


Maybe if Microsoft obtain the Clayfighter Ip and assets(if they still exists). IG(if willing) could wip up a modern balanced ultra remix of Clayfighter.

Perhaps an anniversary edition. 10 years from now.


But I want the old game balance.

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No thanks. That’s the whole reason I DON’T play it.

Agree, the original KI crew should come back and make it happen, dere. Com’on MS, make it happen.

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That would be great to see what Riptor would’ve looke dlike in KI2 and what ehr colors and mvoes would of been. Sadly that is not a thing in KI2

Personally that would be cool, but I don’t see it happening.

If it’s to be a remake it can’t be KI2. (No Riptor or Cinder which would just kill any interest I’d have in a graphical remake of KI)

Personally I like what we got with KI2013. And I’m only looking forward to what it has to offer, and of course wouldn’t in the future a new KI hopefully with some continuation of the new timeline.

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I wish we got intact KI1 and 2 with GGPO on PC, or at least emulated version with GGPO like Fightcade.

I would play the hell out of KI2.

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I think not an HD remake but a 1.6 update to KI1:

-Use SNES damage values (no more random damage ranges)

-Balance changes

-Bug fixes

-Correct combo breaker strength input (light breaks light)

-True command normal properties for overheads (b+FP gets you an overhead regardless if they were standing or crouching)

-In-game frame data and hitbox viewer

-Add throws

Add this as an option to KI Classic and a whole new game doesn’t need to be made. Throw animations would be the only new thing that needs to be mocapped.

I want KI players both new and veteran to look at KI Classic and say “Yeah, that is a competitive fighting game.”

I want KI Classic and KI2 to be playable at the KI World Cup and not just displayed as works of art.

Уже сколько ждём КИ1 на ПК, а всё никак “родить” не могут!! Не пойму, что им стоит добавить классические игры для компьютера. Можно их отдельно продавать: не как часть КИ2013.

1.6 подождёт!! Дайте для начала 1.5d!!!