Should Shadow Trephine be Throw Invulnerable?

Hey Miraites, I’ve been getting thrown out of Shadow Traphine, and shouldn’t it be Throw Invulnerable as it is a low attack? It always looks weird when I’m going under somebody and magically appear in their arms. Both Jago and Fulgore were able to throw me out of it, even late in the animations.

Low attacks have never been throw invulnerable just because they’re low attacks, I’m not sure why that matters.

Certain Shadow Attacks though have Throw Invulnerability. For example, Sadira’s Shadow Recluse is throw invulnerable. For Mira, it just looks really weird to get thrown out of a corkscrew animation, when she should be going under the outreached hand.

i get this all the time as Omen. It makes me sad.

I know it doesnt look right, but as long as the Frame data matches up, i dont see a problem.

I get both those points, but it doesn’t relate to low attacks as such.

It is not the best looking representation of the move, and I suppose it would be nice if there was some kind of hand tracking to make sure it grabs the right place, but that would likely cause similar problems to when head tracking was in game.

To be fair you really shouldn’t be using that move in a situation where you might get thrown. That being said i would rather they make it an actual low than give it throw invulnerability.

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Mira’s command grab is throw invulnerable.

Mira should even spiral close to thr ground. She should spiral mid-level.