Should Ranked Leagues Match System Switch to 3 out of 5?

Hey everyone. Been a while hasn’t it? No not really…but I digress…
With season 3 on the horizon(about a month away actually), I thought it would be good to talk about the meta of the online scene with Ranked Leagues. With the ability to emulate tournament standards introducing the 2 out of 3 standard for matchmaking, I wonder would it be better to switch to 3/5 instead? Quite a few players I understand say the 2/3 format is too fast for Ranked because it doesn’t give you enough time to read your opponent’s habits and mistakes. So, I’m wondering if 3/5 would be better for online play to give everyone a chance to pick themselves up from intimidating losses to tough matches. Is this a good idea or would this break the meta too much for Leagues?

Meh. Would take too long for some people who want a quick match and done.

Nah, that’s a lot of time actually to run a close set. 2/3 is fine - part of your skill as a player is also being able to adapt quickly.

I’m Content With 2 Out Of 3. Thats Long Enough.

I suppose it’s fine(maybe what I’m asking for is a bit redundant). If offered I’d choose it but, I can’t speak for everyone else tho.

That’s true. I have old man reaction to alot of things so that small bit of extra time could be valuable info.

2/3 is enough. Now, if these were matches for money, that would be a different story.

Yeah maybe a true bracket based tournament mode would be cool if it were implemented(Kinda like the ones in SSBM and DBZ Budokai).