Should Omen return next game?

Should he return next? As the Akuma/Gouki of KI?

PLS don’t possess Jago again.

Lore-wise and character design-wise, he is just a copy of Jago, Shago, and Gargos. He is kind of unnecessary. Besides, Shago kind of already fill the gap for an Akuma. However, his gameplay is clever, I mean look at Menat from SF. Omen had did the whole hovering orb thing before her, and better. So from a gamplay perspective I would say sure.

ABSOLUTELY! Omen is an accidental beast! His game play is so fun and amazing. Yes his aesthetics could be better…but that’s even more of a reason why he deserves a reason to come back and get the full design treatment!

Id be very disappointed if he did not return. Omen is the character that really got me hooked into the forums and playing KI competitively. Before Omen I was just into KI because of my nostalgia of the 90s…but Omen really turned the page for me. His design spoke to me and I felt he represented my personality better than any other character.

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What would you do to fix Omen’s story? Not just gameplay.

Omen feels like Noob Saibot & Akuma combined. While Shadow Jago is the Evil Ryu of KI.

And design-wise? Give him a better physical form. Like possess a new body or something.

I think this omen should break free from Gargos and re-merge with Shago (he’s his own thing now right?) combining to become a much more powerful entity with a better physical body. Omen would obviously decorate his new body in a different way (I’m picturing a shaved head, the omen mask, wrist chains, and some new kind of pants). He would ditch the sword, but keep a select number of Shago’s moves (teleportation, the slide) but the rest of his moves would be Omen’s shadow energy attacks. I would also want him to loose the wings, but that’s just me.

All this basically to make the omen on the roster different from the thousands of other omen’s gargos can make, something similar should probably be done with Fullgore and Riptor too.

Isn’t it better for Omen to possess a new body? How about that corrupted monk Jago killed?

I just figured it would make sense sense Shago is apparently his own man separated from regular Jago, running around doin his own thing. Technically fulled by a portion of Omen’s power that he would wish to reclaim.

Let me think on it for a bit and Ill see what I can come up with.

** So I think design wise OMen should get a major upgrade in his shadow effects, accessories, retro, ect…
His retro can look like he does now but maybe with a little more detail and costume options. BUt his Default should be more Demonic with maybe some much larger and brutal looking masks, arm gaurds and leg gaurds. Maybe even some sort of chains or broken device that was placed on him to hold him down that he broke out of.

His move set would be the same but obviously add a few new things to spice it up. Maybe his fireballs can be a little more controlled. Light is the bullet or hold button for crawler, Medium is the wave + 1 random or hold button for 2 random loops, and Heavy is random 3.

I think his Ultimate could be really awesome and his Ultra could be much better if given a new opportunity to build him from the gorund up and not being rushed as a Bonus character.

Omen deserves the full treatment as being a bonus character with little Dev attention he still ended up one of the best characters in the game.
Bringing him back also leaves the door open for a new Omen possesed character ("Shadow??? …)

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Sounds good.

The demonic look? Maybe something human. Something Akuma-looking.

If Omen possessed the monk that tried to kill Jago before his exile, the body he possesses might be altered by his own image.

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I really like the way Omen looks in this game. He’s shadow/energy and it looks cool af. He can grow wings and change his form(shadow form). If you give him a human form like Akuma or Shadow Jago, that would kind of be a bummer to me. Add some more partices, lighting effects, and some armor combined with more powerful hardware, you got something amazing. Omen shouldn’t downgrade to possess a human body again.

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