Should next trailer drop before KIWC

We all already know that the first playable public build of Ki is at the World Cup - currently only two weeks away.
I personally am expecting more than just Rash as a playable character… Naturally Kim Wu springs to mind.
So wouldn’t it be cool if we got her trailer out before the World Cup so that we can get the hype train rolling and get us all worked up ready for the World Cup? After all, I think there’s clearly gonna be other reasons to get hype, so I don’t think a trailer would do anything but to get people even more focused on the World Cup.
Just my opinion.


They are most likely to have the trailer at KIWC, as that will generate hype, at the event. Since there is a Playable Build of S3 there, It only makes sense. :frowning:

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I actually think it’d be cool to see it before the World Cup - give the people who are going there something to look forward to as well :slightly_smiling:


But I want KI news NOW! :confused:
Serious note: I don’t think we will, which is a bummer. There is a chance they might show it off the day before, but nothing really soon I don’t think.

Remember, there’s supposed to be a stream on the tournament’s Saturday morning (30th). I suspect we will get information on new mechanics, characters, whatever they’re planning to show to those who will be AT the event.

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Are they streaming the 3hr S3 presentation or is that just for the people in attendance?

I think a trailer after the characters already been seen in action is redundant.

THen again, kim may not even be completed yet.

A trailer also just for KiCup Attendees is missing the mark because how much of the buying public will be at KICup?

First showing might be for KIWC, we may get to see the trailer a day later.

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I’ve been thinking about this as well and I personally think it makes more sense to give us a character trailer before the KIWC. We already know about Kim Wu and Tusk being in the game but don’t know about anyone else. Give us the Kim Wu trailer ahead of time so people will get hype and give them a reason to go to KIWC and play test her since they will have a preview build of S3 there.


When ever a character trailer is released there’s a huge amount of discussion generated in regards to how the new moves we see will work within an actual fight.
To have a new character trailer launch after we’ve seen the new characters gameplay would be underwhelming - their thunder would be stolen.
Totally agree with others that an S3 trailer should launch alongside or after the KIWC, but if we’re going to see a new character such as Kim or Tusk - and for a first playable build of S3 I don’t see why this won’t be the case - then build the hype now, build the discussion, build the deliberation, and then when the KIWC comes and we see the actual fights, the discussion will continue.

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But hasn’t their whole thing been character stream first, trailer second? If that trend continues it makes sense that we won’t see the trailer until during/after the world cup.

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The only problem with that is the trailer might include something to do with a system change they don’t want to reveal until the KIWC. I would instead like a teaser just showing us what Kim Wu looks like, with a “see more at the KIWC”.

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Don’t forget it will include also some news regarding the PC port itself, for example the requirements. So I think it’s natural they’re waiting for this big event to release all the important information at once.

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Hey guys!! I meet Brandon Alexander at KiT yesterday! I have very chats with him! So I’ll post my forum about Brandon and me!


One more thing… I did asked him about Kim Wu’s trailer at KI World Cup…

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God please let her speak korean only

It would be awesome if they did release some information before KI WC. Anything at this point is welcome :grin::grin: Also I’m so excited on being able to attend the KI WC.

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What if she speaks Mixed? Like Jago?

English, but during her specials, nothing but native tongue?

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Nah, I’d like Korean all the way personally. One of my favorite things about KI is that the characters speak their native languages where it makes sense. Hisako’s Japanese made me happy :slight_smile:

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No, I know. I personally would like all Korean too.

I just like playing Devil’s Advocate… :smiling_imp:

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