Should Mick return if Season 4 happens?

So as we all dont know if season 4 will happen. However just for fun I wanted to start this poll. While I do love some of the songs from season 3 and the composers that did work on it are great. Which do you all prefer?

  • Yes
  • No the Season 3 Composers are better.
  • Yes - with the Season 3 composers as well
  • No - Robin Beanland should return.
  • No - New composer(s) for each new Season.

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Ehhh Micks already off on other projects now. As much as I love his work I think Atlas/Celldweller are doing just fine.


Yes I’d love to have Mick back.

However, let’s be honest. The new tracks just don’t mean nearly as much, nor are they heard nearly as much, without stages to match. I’m not sure it continues to make sense to make a new music track for each new character without an accompanying stage.

The new guys sort of just disappeared after the Mira music release. They have been MIA for the last 3 releases? I wonder why? Strange… I could be wrong but the last 2 songs sound different than the 5 that released videos for. Hmmmmmmm

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Stick with AP & CD.

How about an “It’s all good either way” option?


I think Mick should return. Every track he made fitted character so well. I cant imagine Celldweller/Atlas Plug doing theme for Aganos or Spinal. They would propably all sound like some heavy metal jam session with KI main theme melody everywhere.

I have to say, Eyedol theme is damn good, but it`s still not enough for me to trust them, after how underwhelming Gargos theme turned out.

I love Micks work, and if he wants to come back, then I’m all for it.

AP and CD have done great work as well. If they come back for season 4/KI4, then more power to them.’

I actually don’t mind either way.

I think having mick back would be great. That way too the S3 composers can learn his secrets and further improve their game. It’s a win-win situation.

It’d be absolutely boss to have then combine the sounds of Mick and the Atlus/Cell duo. Of course, the more composers we add, the less creative control each one has, so I’d be worried about it becoming “music by committee”. But if those 3 dudes worked together like a band or helped to expand on each others unique ideas and unite for a coherent vision, rather than steer in multiple directions at once to make a mess, that’d be sick!

So far though, both Mick at PlugDweller have done fantastic jobs for a lot of the music. I trust we’ll get something good whatever happens

Yes yes and did I say yes lol

This is a bit of a slap in the new composers faces don’t ya think. They’re doing sterling work and in a par with micks. In fact I think I prefer the new stuff and this comes from someone who listens to the soundtracks everyday.

hell yeah!!!

IDK man, although I love Mick’s work, and I consider it the best by far, I think his cycle is over and it is healthy to embrace new talents

YES! HE MOST DEFINITELY IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I would love to see him come back!

Mick should really come back. AP/CD’s work is okay but it’s also forgettable. Only good themes are arbiter’s, gargos’s and eyedol’s. As for beanland? No, because well, just listen to riptor’s stand-still theme.

I don’t think it’s a slap in the face to do this poll. I love alot of the new composers music. I am just more curious what others think and which people would perfer

The same could be said about Mick. Sure he had other obligations and had to leave, but isn’t it kinda a slap in the face to say he had his chance, so now he shouldn’t get another?

Anyway, personally I’d like to see Mick back for season 4. Personal preference. AtPlug/Dweller did an ok job, but I just prefer Mick’s work.

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It was his choice, he wasn’t kicked out…

People don’t just jump because you want them, they also have to reciprocate interest. Mick wanted to do something else, and he has every right to do so.

I thought mick was under contract only? Isn’t he freelance?