Should Mandrill Go Competitive?! Also Rebalance discussion among other things

My voice is kinda dumb too…

Should I go Competitive? Is it worth it? Do I need to learn more about the game? Should tournaments be an option? Is Mandrill a Really, REALLY DUMB name?



You hate Fulgore? It is on. Well if you want to you can. You can start by playing ranked a lot. Mandrill is fine. Considering it isn’t your actual name and just a fun GT,you should be fine.

Fulgore is Overpowered!

Playing online is probably one of the best ways to learn too.

Fulgore isn’t overpowered. I am overpowered:P
I challenge you with my Shago then.


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Do whatever you want, man.


Do it. You’ll love it.

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If you are wanting to move up in skill level and perform against more tournament level challenges, you need to understand that in order to get better, you WILL have to invest time to make it happen. It will mean having to sacrifice time on other games to do better consistently, and you can’t sit on the same old tactics again and again. You have to evolve your gameplay.

So if the prospect of getting better is something you want, then go for it. But understand the realistic nature of the undertaking and what you hope to accomplish. It’s not easy to break through the player barriers, and the only way to do it is with time and practice. There’s no shortcut to getting good and dominating.

A good thing to do is ask yourself all the reasons why you want to move up in skill level. Another is what do you really gain from moving up, or what do you hope to accomplish by it. Then thinking realistically about the effort and time involved, and if it still seems worthwhile to go for it, then it’s time to start learning about the ways to up your game and getting into the deeper mechanics.

It’s difficult to explain, and someone with more experience than I could probably explain much better than me, but those are some basic things to ask whether or not it’s worth it to you, because each person will answer those base questions different and come to different conclusions.


This is week thought out. I love it.

You seem to have lots of knowledge of the game. When I had gotten the game, my very first interest was learning the game competetively (meaning past day 1 or 2 I stopped casually playing except story modes and started learning), especially since my only FG experience was with smash wii u and project m I wanted to learn a “real” FG with inputs. Even playing alongside smash and having school, I was able to reach killer having the game from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. Again, this was having no prior knowledge of the game or most “normal” FG’s. You should be fine on inputs after some practice.

I think the real hard thing for you will be the mindgame, at least it was for me. After playing a game casually without having to worry about CPU/exhibition counter breakers, shadow counters, wakeup DP versus grab, etc., it will be hard having these ranked players doing it to you and adjusting to your moves. The main good part is you have knowledge of the game already. You know the inputs and are looking at the buffs and nerfs in S3 outside of just the text and “whatever”, you’re actually concerned about them.

TLDR: I highly recommend it but it’s your decision. It takes a lot of commitment.

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EDIT: @MandrillManiac (My Response to Iron might give you some tips too)

I agree. Being competitive does take time, and it will only improve if you are willing to sacrifice some time to get better.

To Mandrill: Watch videos of pro players in action. Learn from them. Learn setups, how they move, how they play, ask questions, play sets with Forum members, ANYTHING that will help get you better in the game. Learn Combo breaking consistently, but unpredictably.

Even frame data. It doesn’t need to be deep and such.

For example: Jago’s Heavy DP is active in 3 frames. Meaning, any move that is -4 or lower that is hit on block, Jago can punish. That’s an example of knowing frame data.

I’m currently adapting that mindset of a tourney player. Doing all the things I stated above. You must be positive, and know you can strive to be better. Even if you get BODIED, don’t look at it like “Man, I suck… I’ll never get as good as you.” Think of it like, “Man, I can do better. I know I can. I need to work on my weaknesses and improve.”

Always look to improve yourself, and take every battle as a learning experience. Keep going!



WOW…Lots of great and thought out responses…Time to start quoting!

Time…Is something I don’t always have But I’m very flexible with it.[quote=“SiddTheMaster, post:10, topic:6792”]
You seem to have lots of knowledge of the game

Lot less then you think, But thank you for the compliment.

This Will be helpful. Thank you Ostrich.

AND HERE: From what I’m hearing in the thread is to:
Be Positive
Have a butt-load of time
Learn from pros
Learn Setups (IN DIRE NEED)
Learn Combo breaking

My decision: Is to start small but strive for great things. I’ll Learn about what I need to…and then we will talk bigger.

But I’m not and probably will never be EVO Material Just saying…


Sure, anytime.

@oTigerSpirit & I usually have sets. Our sets do cross over into high level play, because I have done a special setup I know, only for Tiger to see it, and instantly adapt and copy it on the fly. Maybe I can record a couple of matches, and show them to you?

But first, what is your main character? (One you spend the most time with?)


Spinal, Thunder, Riptor, Aganos and soon tusk & maybe rash/kim wu

But mostly spinal.

Ok. I do know Thunder, as well as Aganos & Kim Wu (Of course lol)

But the rest I am not familiar. Good thing is I do know a lot of Spinal Players that could help you!

The only thing is we are 3 days away from Season 3. I wouldn’t want you to learn Season 2 tech, and then when Spinal’s Rework kicks in, you can’t do your setups. So I’d advise you to just hold on. :slight_smile:

Plus, S3 is going to change everything! I’m going to have to relearn all my characters too… :confused:

I’m sure all of us will be working together to learn the new toys we got!

Yeah. I’m waiting for Season 3 before I start anything. We will all learn together right?


Yep! Threads of S3 Tech should be popping up soon.

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Standing offer: I can help with Riptor. I’m going into full time training once Season 3 starts. Meaning, once I get off work I’m spending 7 hours on KI. NO EXCEPTIONS.

During this time (7am - 2pm Pacific) I will be on KI. If you want help understanding wake-up options, spacing, frame data, or ANYTHING else contact me, and I will help to the best of my knowledge.

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