Should Light Bats cost health/gain more meter for opponent?

So I was playing Arbiter and was trapped in the corner against a Mira player. I had no meter and the Mira started doing something smart: she was using back-HP to light bats repeatedly…for a LONG time. Because of Arbiter’s short range reversals and big size, I was basically trapped there for 15-20 seconds straight until the Mira player changed tactics.

Not saying this is OP or anything considering that bats do no chip damage whatsoever, but it really slows the match down to a crawl. So I would like to see this tweaked in some way.


Don’t be in the corner without meter or instinct. A shield can absorb a full volley of bats, shadow truth seeker will go right through them, and back HP is easy to shadow counter.

Noted. lol

My point still stands. It’s slows down the game’s pace too much.

I don’t think they should cost health but I would be ok with them giving the opponent more meter. I abuse the hell out of the light bats and honestly, I think those things have helped my Mira play quite a bit.

I don’t think they slow the game down anymore than run-away Kan-ra’s throwing up scarabs the whole match or Sadiras that stay away jumping around trying to get a web to hit or for you to come in.

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You can jump over the bats. And even from point blank, if she does a blockstring into bats you can punish with gunshot. If jumping’s not working and you’re out of shots…well, see my earlier statement about the corner and meter.