Should Kan Ras juggle launch higher again?

In light of many changes coming in Season 3, I am curious if Kan Ras juggle ender should launch higher now. In it’s current state, the only thing that can land after a juggle is a light normal, shadow whirl, or a swarm that’s already on the field. With the higher emphasis on juggles in Season 3, I was surprised that this was not changed. As it is, his juggle ender is not really used as a juggle ender, it’s used as a setup ender.
One of the original reasons fro having it not launch as high was so you could not connect a whirl raw. Now that the strength of whirl is easier to tell, I Would love to see Kan Ra get some of the juggle changes most of the cast got, such as normals pushing back less and adding less KV in a combo.

I believe it will? Re-watch Kan Ra’s Wcup changes video again and see if they mention it briefly.

Re-watched the stream, they did not mention re-tuning Kan Ras juggles.

IMO it’s fine right now.

There’s more emphasis in juggles, but there is also a new mechanic: Flip Out

Kan-Ra can use his Lk after a launch ender and get a mix up opportunity, which it’s great. His juggles are already great, and I see with good eyes focusing in his mix-ups, not extending his combos, but opening new combo opportunities