Should I.G go back to the old methed

Sure people still got Season 3 but lets not suger coat it compaired to season 1 and 2 Season 3 was a flop and I think that is because they changed there methed of advertisement I think to get people intrasted again the need to go back to S1 days

1: Bring back Trailers with Teases. People love the Teases it got them hype for the next character.
2: Show the Trailer before the stream. I have no idea why in season 2 they started doing the streams first once you know everything the character can do what the point of the Trailer.
3: Make a beginning of Season Trailer and End of Season Trailer. This lets people know when the season has begun and when its over.
4: In the Season beginning trailer show hints of the characters coming in the season. The Season 2 Beginning trailer is probably one of the best Trailers ever because it did just that.
5: Make the trailer, stream and character Realease all around the same time about a couple hour between each other at most.
6: Do texual streams again.

Now that should make people get hype again this is how it was in before S3 and people got more hyped when it was like that.


I read through your whole post and suggestions, but that quote kept bugging me…

I cant say a thing as a player prior to season 3 because i got the game in season 3 and bought a Xbox just for that purpose. I was an avid fan before then that didnt want to spend 300.00 to 400.00 on the only Xbox One game i was interested in.

Anyway, back to your suggestions. For me, they all boil down to two factors. Reviving the hype of S1 and S2…and running the show. Each season has its flaws and its magic. (And if anyone thinks those seasons were perfect start to finish, ooh wee…) Enough said there. Running the show though? Nah. Look at what they’ve done right now. Two more characters to be released with 15 ultimates coming up. 1 out of every 3, maybe 4, topicsin this forum is about those topics. Outside of this forum? Id say they’re doing decent. Someone somewhere got them to post a big ad on Xbox One consoles about a tournament that KI was featured in and got it some pretty good view rates.

But again, the fact you consider S3 a flop really strikes me.

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Lol. Based on what metric?

Plenty of your suggestions are good in the abstract. People do like teases and trailers. Right now we are getting Ultimates rolled out. So that’s getting some attention.

But I would just point out that the third season is inherently different than the first or even the second. When we are already playing a “full” game with 18 characters and they are adding 8 more that’s a lot different than introducing the first 8. These two new character releases are different still. But I think it’s reasonable to ask for a trailer. We’ll see.

I do wish there was more hype in some fashion over what’s to come, and I do wish the devs were more candid and less tight-lipped about everything. That said, while S3 was different, I don’t believe that made it a flop. I actually think it did rather well.

Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who hasn’t really been playing this game from Day 1. With that said, and this is just my opinion, but it’s kinda hard to get hyped over any game that’s 3 years old. Again, I don’t really know every character, etc. but it appears to me that season 3 is more “guest” characters… or maybe I’m wrong? Maybe it didn’t do as well because of that but personally I’d go with the fact that the game is old and there’s just too many games out there to play.

I’m horrible at putting into words what I think so this may or may not make any sence. I played KI a little when it first came out and decided to re-visit it when Microsoft gave season 1 and 2 out as there games with gold. I even picked up season 3. For me personally, the season 3 characters aren’t really that interesting. I have nothing against guest characters but again, the ones in the game just don’t capture my interest at all. Anyways, as you all have probably figured out by now, I don’t really know what I’m saying so I’ll leave now. lol


Literally me with any post I make. You’ll get better over time.

As far as flopping (and i dont wanna derail the topic on that part of the OP) i understand why it irked me.

I went out and spent +400.00 on the Xbox console, Xbox Live, Killer Instinct and a second controller probably based on my personal hype, last year’s KIWC, the initial 4 S3 characters and haven’t regretted it.

i liked the season 2 model. one character every month with trailers and teasers, plus the silhouettes and all the speculation about them.

The legitimate and venerable pollsters and fact checkers residing up his rectum, I take it.

I misread the title thinking it said “Should I.G go back to the old meth” and thought I finally found the reason I’m addicted to KI lol.


old methed of adviertising is what I ment the Season 1 methed

I agree . Season 1 got it right . I was hyped up all throughout season 1 waiting in anticipation for what was coming next . I’m glad other people feel the same way. Let’s bring the hype back to this game !

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Season 3 gave us Eyedol and Gargos. I’d hardly call two of the best characters in the game a “flop”. lol

Genuinely amused at the people saying S1 got the hype “right”. The game launched with 6 characters, and then you got one tease/trailer/stream each with the final two characters (Spinal and Fulgore). There wasn’t anything else beside that really, and in any case I would think it obvious that the hype over two characters when the cast is 6 is likely to be much higher than when the cast is 26.

Season 2 probably handled character roll outs in the most interesting fashion for my money, but at the same time the monthly pace was crushing on the devs, meant S2 launched extremely barebones, and subjected the players to a constantly changing balance environment. I think the team handled it well, but I much prefer the S3 format. More complete content at launch, fewer wild swings in balance mid-season, and presumably not an insane slog for the dev team.


Its not about the characters we got its about how we receved them how they were advirtised before the came out the build up to them.

I miss the character trailers and teasers. But they kept up with them through season 3, every character had a trailer, the teasers were missing in some however. But otherwise, season 3 is done, I’d like to see trailers for the last two characters for sure.

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What am I reading.