Should I even bother playing the CPU?

I’m sorry if this has been discussed, but I haven’t seen it. I like to warm up with exhibition against the CPU, however it seems that it likes to block. And block, and block. I can literally just chip it to death and it’ll allow it when set to killer or higher difficulty. It gets frustrating and isnt fun at all. Should I forgo CPU matches and just go online? Or is there some value in fighting the CPU that I just don’t see?

If you want to play AI, I would just play agaisnt shadows as a warm up.


There is no value in fighting AI. It performs inhuman feats and is simultaneously inhumanly dumb, arbitrarily.

Just hone your muscle memory in practice and then dive into online. That way you don’t pick up exploitable habits.

Or, as Sasuke says, warm up against Shadows. They’re a fantastic middle ground.

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In my training mode experience at least, ive found Kyle to be a lying, cheating, tricky s.o.b.

I literally rage quit training mode when Kyle (as Rash) wrecking balled me, blocked, and instead of momentum bringing him forwards, cheeky little guy zipped backwards. WAY backwards. Like teleport backwards.

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IMHO, it depends. The issue with playing the AI is it’s like playing one guy over & over, and this one guy has his own strengths and weaknesses that you can definitely learn to exploit as you would any player that keeps responding to scenarios the same way over & over. But if you want to get better at playing against more than just the AI, you need to play more than just the AI.
IMHO, classic survival(beginner) against the AI is a great way to start out learning a new character, as the AI starts off giving you little challenge and slowly ramps up as you progress, giving you “real match” scenarios you can’t get from training mode. It’s hard to say that about Shadows, considering that the “difficulty” is based solely off how many wins it has. In the 50sp tier you could be fighting a noob’s shadow one match and a Killer’s the next, which would likely mean it has gaping holes in its defenses but will come out swinging like a mad man.

So like I said, there’s pluses and minuses to each mode. My suggestion is do a little of everything.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I agree that playing on Kyle is frustrating. 3/4 throws are escaped, in pretty sure it reads my inputs and no amount of mix up seems to land. I’ll definitely try out survival and probably just go to exhibition more.

I think the best value of playing against the AI is figuring out basic combo execution. Figuring out how to hit a moving target in a more forgiving environment. It’s also good to test out lock-out combos on the lower difficulties.

It’s a good tool for getting into the basic groove and maintaining muscle memory while still getting XP. In fact the biggest utility of playing solo is probably as a grinding tool for levels and colors. In the same amount of time it takes to run through a single Ranked set with 1/2 matches, you can plow through upwards of 10 matches with the AI for roughly the same XP gain (or more even) per match if you do well. If you wanna unlock character colors, it’s awesome for that.

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OH my god dude. I have seen that so many times, and I have no idea why it happens. It always ends up costing me a round or something

So ask your self’s this, why?

Because Shadow AI actually resembles how a human fights.

I agree, but the CPU is like playing a zombie.

Muscle memory for cpu, there is value in fighting shadows before you go online. Try mine :slight_smile:

People can be ■■■■■■■■, so I love fighting the CPU and Shadows were a wonderful addition to the game as well so I’m there quite often too. Depends what you want to get out of your matches I suppose, I love playing for fun.