Should human character hair colours be interchangeable?

On a personal note, I’m not feeling the wacky hair colours on human characters, and would like to, for example have Kim Wu rock her green outfit without the ridiculous matching bright green hair, and keep her default head for it.

Tusk with blue hair etc just looks out of place to me, and would be nice to keep, say, his colour 4 hair with his blue outfit.

Would love to be able to use Mira’s default head with her pinstripe colour 9 too, which is otherwise awesome, is a shame to not be able to select this.

Or is it just me?

I just want to see Mira with her hair down/natural :frowning:

Multiple hair color options is good, but it would be more aesthetically pleasing if they just stuck to natural hair colors.


While I loved the addition of new hair colors especially for Kim I think not having full customization options Is limiting…

Just the same as orchid having the same hair when Maya and Kim all have other hair colors

Totally agree. Maya’s red/white hair would look good with some of her others too. Not keen on the purple one though