Should 'Astral Gems' be the 'Fight Money' of KI?

I was just thinking about how IG/MS should update the older modes of KI like the Arcade mode and the Rivals mode, and if they were to do that, do you think we should earn Astral Gems for participating in those modes?

In the Shadow Lab, instead earning meaningless shadow points, why not earn astral gems to buy new items from the KI store, or in the Shadow Lords mode? Why not get a few Astral points for winning an online match, or just have daily achievements that net you a certain amount of AGs across all the modes.

What do you guys think?


I like it, so far the shadow points are a disappointment since they are meaningless once you get enough for a second shadow.

I think KI gold is the fight money of KI >.>

Yes there is nothing exciting about playing a level 50 character and seeing double xp vanishing into the left side for nothing.

We should be able to receive something along the lines of astral energy or astral gems as we can use those for shadow lords MP