Should Arbiter's plasma grenades disappear if he gets hit or gets sent into a combo?

Use Counter Hits

Then you get to block the grenade AND block the carbine shots. He will be too far to get you.

When any character hits you with any move, they are at some kind of advantage.

it doesnt “counter” the nades, it “negates” them.

Other projectile do damage. Grenades just force you to change your playstyle. You COULD get hit, You COULD cause the grenade to do nothing, or you COULD make Arbiter hit himself. It all depends on what YOU do.

Plenty of people are telling you this stuff. Time to listen.

(Or ignore it all, and continue to loose.)


I want you to give me a SINGLE example of something Arbiter can do to you when he has a grenade on you that he cannot do without a grenade on you. ONE example, that’s it.

  • You’re worried about being command grabbed? He can raw command grab (and often does) all day.
  • Jump back carbine? Totally a thing whether or not a grenade is in play.
  • Normal grab? Pretty sure that doesn’t disappear if there’s no flashing blue orb stuck to his enemy.
  • Fish with pokes? Kind of Arbiter’s gameplan.
  • Target combo->shield buff shadow->plus frame normal? Fancy and super dangerous, but yeah, he’s got this anyway.

Give me a single example of Arbiter pressure that exists when you’re stuck that does not exist when you aren’t stuck. The grenade is scary - yes, I get that. The potential that you might get command grabbed into recap, or just get recapped trying to avoid a command grab, is also scary - I understand. But you are missing a fundamental truth here - there is NOTHING that Arbiter can do to open you up that he couldn’t also do before, and he STILL has to play defense. You open him up and end the combo and the grenade explodes on nothing. You open him up and the grenade explodes before your combo ends, you both stagger and voila, you’re back in neutral. You put him in a block string and the grenade’s about to explode, then you stop your pressure, the grenade explodes on both of you and then you’re back in neutral.

Sitting on defense while stuck WILL get you hit. A lot. Arbiter has fantastic options if his opponent is sitting in place afraid to move or jump - don’t just sit there and take his mixup, or you will lose.


Word; as Hisako I’ve sometimes timed my descent as such that when I emerge from the ground, I’m right on top of Arby when the grenade pops.

(Then again - if timed a bit differently, I can be underground entirely when the grenade pops and no one gets hit.)


The best defense against Arbiter is in your face offense. All of his normals are slow on average, and his biggest weakness is right above his head. This applies whether or not you’re stuck with a plasma, because if you’re stuck and close, Arby has to block it too (unless he has shield up obviously). Get in on him, and stay there pounding on his head. His only wakeup options are self-plasma (which damages himself) or shadow shield.


I haven’t read any other responses but I guess orchid grenades don’t disappear if they’re successfully launched

I want to address this, actually. Arbiter has exactly three ways of opening up a player that is blocking high- normal throw, Prophet’s Bane, and cr.MK. Normal throw has terrible range, Arbiter will have to get extremely close to actually use this option. cr.MK has a bit more range, but is still not a particularly fast or long-range button for Arbiter. Prophet’s Bane moves Arbiter forward, but it’s rather slow and easy to jump- that is where grenade comes in. Without grenade, there would basically be no threat at all for Arbiter’s mixup.

All you have to do to beat these options is accept the fact that you are going to take the damage from grenade and try to hit the Arbiter so that he can’t convert an otherwise low-damage hit into a high-damage combo using the grenade’s recapture. With an overshield, this becomes trivially more difficult, but you can also just try to create space so that you can block in peace. If you aren’t in range of cr.MK, the only thing he can do to hit you is command grab, so be prepared for a jab or a backdash.

Honestly didn’t read the latter half of this discussion, seems like fruitless, insistent crying and shot down paragraphs of perfectly sound advice. Just had to drop in and mention that there are THREE FULL SECONDS before that 'nade pops.


That’s virtually an eternity in a match. You have all day to mount an offense, which is your best defense against the 'nade setups. Just push buttons. You’ll be fine.