Should Aganos return?

Wonder what’ll happen to Aganos if he returned in a sequel? If not? His time’s done.

Honestly, either both he and Kan-Ra go, or they both stay.

I think so, he’s unique in design. That’s enough to have him comeback in my opinion. He’d he’s among the top 17. I’d love to see return.

  1. Riptor
  2. Glacius
  3. Sabrewulf
  4. Jago
  5. Orchid
  6. TJ Combo
  7. Tusk
  8. Cinder
  9. Maya
  10. Kim Wu
  11. Fulgore
  12. Spinal
  13. Kan-Ra
  14. Aganos
  15. Hisako
  16. Thunder
  17. Aria

Those are my top 17.

But what about in the comics? Said something about “new form”?

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