[Shoryuken Article] "Fighting on: Killer Instinct’s battle to survive"

Link: http://shoryuken.com/2017/12/15/fight-on-killer-instincts-battle-to-survive/

None of this is really new to people who have been regulars on the forums here for the past few years, but I thought it was worth sharing regardless. It also features some our top players and KI gurus here on the forum.

I’ve probably said this before here but I agree that the KI scene has suffered unnecessarily and severely from the S3 negativity and warped nostalgia glasses of S1 and S2. The game has issues with quality support and consistency, and leaves behind a lot of missed potential in general, but there’s still nothing else like it out there. I’ve been playing KI for about 3 years now and no other Fighter has sucked me in like it has. The more I play, the better I get and the more I love it.


Wait, what negativity?
I thought S3 was the most successful one due to the guest characters and the new Shadow Lord mode…

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Not to everyone. Some deemed it was such a huge transition and shake-up to the game, that it wasn’t the same game they fell in love with. Some, instead of working to adapt and look at the game long term, lambasted it with negativity.

Now, if you just truly don’t like the game or anything like that, that’s fine. I’m talking about the people that keep playing KI and talk negatively about it every second they get.


Oh my god you have no idea how lucky you are.

I already read this article and it’s really well done.

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I was pretty negative about the guest characters, but I’ve always been the odd one out when it came to that topic. Most people seem to love them. So other than that, I don’t know what else people have been negative about that would impact the game negatively. Have I just not paid enough attention?

It wasn’t all on the forums and there was a point where people were blasting the game and the developers non-stop. I never got the full details but I recall one specific incident that was apparently so egregious it caused the devs to distance themselves from the community.


Everyone hates on S3 but I swear the characters I had most fun with are S3 ones. Tusk, Gargos, #1 waifu Mira and Kilgore are fun as hell.

I tried Cinder and Orchid, but was not that hooked.

Lmao, pros cry that game is not fun because it’s not broken anymore, at the same time jumping ship to SF5 which is duller than tic tac toe (and at the same time still manages to have garbage tier characters).

I sincerely hope in few years KI becomes underrated classic like 3rd Strike, and be regarded as connoisseur’s game.


I’ll probably give the article a read later, but I have a quick chime in for the “S3 negativity”

It’s something I saw a ton of when I was really into Call of Duty. Any time there’s a new iteration of something, it’s the ruination of the franchise, and the last one is viewed with rose tinted glasses.
Prime Example: Despite selling remarkably well thanks to its brand naming, Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer wasn’t very well received in the eyes of a lot of CoD fans. The weapon balance has wonky AF with some weapons being unstoppable and others being borderline useless, and the time to kill was so fast that even in casual playlists you could be dead before you’d rounded a corner, which wasn’t helped by the awful netcode. And yet when Black Ops 2 came out, even with improvements in many of the areas I mentioned, there was a torrent of people saying they’d dump it and go back to MW3.

This line of thinking is most aptly titled “It’s different, and therefore, RUINED.” and it’s the part of why its so hard to please a fan base. Because no matter what quality or quantity of content you have in your new game, it’s almost impossible to add something that has more value than the memories people made playing the old one.


Literally the only experience I’d ever had playing CoD online, and it was enough to keep me from trying again.

Off-topic I know, but just putting that out there.

I guess you missed all the BS with Paul B and LCD begging for the game to be like SFV and thier followers who take thier word as gospel trolling the forums.

Then thier were some pros declaring to the world that they were leaving the game even though they didn’t really leave.

Then there was people screwing around in the 8BBD.

There was other stuff that I can’t remember at the moment. But this crap really sticks out.


Isn’t S3 the season where flip outs were introduced? I can’t remember but I seem to remember a lot of people hated the heck out of flipouts.

I’ll share this article and my experience in my national FGC even if it means I have to deal with all the common toxicity and trashtalk from some members. I’ll support this game because I have a lot of fun playing with my character and because I’ve always loved Killer Instinct. The moment I saw the game for the first time in 1994 I loved it with passion.

This new KI game is good but is also different. I don’t care what they say and I don’t care the salt that can get me sometimes (real salt tbh, specially with the new gaming age ).

If I’m not enjoying the game then I’ll stop playing, and then comeback when I’m felling like it.

If you enjoy the game, then keep on doing it. No matter what others say, just enjoy yourself.

This article makes me slightly angry with the banned trolls whom completely crapped on this game, thus made it worse for newcomers in the process. And they’re still doing it through meaningless petitions.

People want KI to thrive but troll others by sharing photos and making mindless rant videos about us. Us.

They should be ashamed honestly, it’s their fault we’re in this mess, but we can still fight.

I say we block all these trolls from our social media accounts and make dope Killer Instinct vids like the Call of Duty videos.

What the hell are we waiting for?


You know what. You’re right.

Once I get enough money for a good headset, I’ll begin making videos and streaming on my free time. This article (and this great community) has made me determined to get KI known even more. I’ll try to do my part in this uphill battle and correct some of the wrong done by those who try to bring this game down. Every little bit counts :slightly_smiling_face:

Still, I don’t think many people will take me seriously. It’ll be hard to convince people when your still in high school…


I agree with not supporting anyone with a toxic attitude. I’m unfollowing anyone who just talks crap over, and over and over again.

PS: If you ever watch me in stream and I complain, don’t take it too seriously, complaining is a national sport here along with “Pato”. I really love playing my character, despite the salt I can get from certain match ups XD . I would never say the game is bad or not encourage ppl to play it.


All I remember is a bunch of pros and their followers trashing because was different and they didn’t like it, probably because they had to start at square zero. From their point of view it was a legitimate concern, but first they way they expressed it was very rude and second they don’t represent the whole community in any way. The main problems many people had were few stages, too many guest characters and the counter breaker adjustment. But from this is hard to say “the community didn’t like s3”. Personally I loved s3 and I think KI is in the right shape to be a game that can be played over and over for years to come.


great article, thank for posting

So much drama always in the FGC.

It remains easier for me to get an online match at KI than SFV… I know the offline scene is everything to some people but since I’ve never been to a tournament I have a hard time weeping over KIs numbers. As far as negative people, I struggle for a reason to care. Lots of people don’t like the games I love. I don’t let them bother me. In fact, I don’t think about them at all.


this is so true. i only tune in too “streamers w/large bases” when there’s a matchup im lookin to levelup with or when it seems like they’ll actually play the game without wack comments. I basically focus on building up our local community. and if i can have some success there, I’ll spread word on a blueprint for others to build their local scene too.

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I never really understood why people hated flipouts. They’re in many other games and it’s not like they don’t have counters. For one, opponents almost always fall for invincible reversals after their own flipouts. (Though I still struggle with the timing without instinct cancels.) In general I think pretty much all the changes IG made up through S3 made KI a deeper, more interesting and balanced game.