Shin Hisako's Ultra Revealed

this is the best Ultra I’ve seen ever!!!


It’s almost exactly the same as Hisako’s. There’s not much to it except the DP style move at the end. Otherwise, beat for beat and hit for hit, it’s almost the exact same thing.


same as regular hisako, just a bit faster.

i heard the ultra ender is pretty dank anyone got a video of it?

Are those cat ears accessories


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Super Meh. I guess Shin Hisako’s moveset isn’t all that different from Hisako’s, and the movesets are what inform the Ultra Combos. Thankfully, the Ultra Ender is great.

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So it’s like how Kilgore is the same as Fulgore up until the end. Not too surprised. The über spook slash into launch replaced with some rapid rekkas into recap into DP? I can dig it.

But hands down that is probably the best Ultra Ender in the entire game! I thought Kilgore’s was fun, and Aganos was great, but this is another caliber entirely!

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I will admit I did like her ultra ender.

Couldn’t agree with you more! Only thing I’d add is a second Ultra music sound for that last hit.

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Very nice and really enjoyable too. Overall Awesome Victory!

More specifically, a Kitsune accessory set

person over the top in audience: