Shin Hisako's Stage Music

I know this is very early, but I want to open this discussion with pretty much nothing but assumptions, given what little we’ve heard.
So going with what we know based on Kilgore’s release, Shin Hisako’s definitely going to have her own unique stage music.

If the teaser used a clip of that stage music, then it’ll have a Japanese style choir which puts me in mind of Akira and Ghost in the shell.
If I’m right and these two sources are an influence, this could mean we’ll be hearing a more traditional piece with bamboo percussions but with a little more punch.

Of course we’ll get the mix up of synths and some dance/techno bass loops and kicks, but how will they integrate those elements? I guess we’ll just see.

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Only one way to find out really. If ya ask me, I would at least expect it to share elemnts with Hisako’s original theme as well to connect the characters.

I don’t think so. If it were like that, Kilgore would have gotten some Fulgore bits. And I know Shadow Jago has a Jago-remixish theme but it’s different composers now so I have different expectations. At most, I’m expecting classic theme only.

I do like that they’re going for more of a traditional Japanese style with her theme though. It was the first thing that captured me about this character and I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Now this is a very common misconception, you see it’s not shadow jagos theme it’s omens. Shago owns the stage but omen brought the tunes.
Back on topic now I hope the ultra parts of her theme resemble Mira’s in that it’s a choir type chant or something of the like. I say this because Mira’s ultra theme sounds so great for the entire cast, makes it sound very dramatic.

I’m glad they went with an original piece for Kilgore and this traditional theory I have is one I hope happens.
Part of me thinks it going to be like Spinal’s theme, only with Japanese instruments and maybe not as many lyrics, but narrative in nature.

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OK, here’s the two tracks I was put in mind of when I heard the Hisako chant. I know it’s a long shot going with this just by hearing “Hisako”, but it’s what came to mind when I heard it none the less.

I’m hopeful.

I suppose I just wanted to put out my guesses and invite people to do the same.

We’ve got a gameplay theory thread so I wanted to do one for her theme music.

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The funny thing is; even though Kilgore looks similar to Fulgore, they are presented as different characters. Shin Hisako is EXACTLY the same character but they’re look and abilities will be different, but it all connects to the same character. Shago would count being Jago but possessed so I expect a similar instance with Hisako.

You do have a point there, but I want to believe that it’ll be an original piece though.

Not quite


I’m glad there will be a new theme.
I only wish mick could sprinkle his magic he made for Hisako village of whispers on it

Definitively it made me think of the opening music of the first film of GITS, too.

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Based on what we heard, I’m expecting a more traditional take on Japanese music than standard Hisako.

Hisako is an outstandingly angry spirit, so it made sense to have the metal guitar as the driving force. But now that Shin Hisako is a purified version, so to speak, it makes sense that the theme would return to its roots.

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Yeah, that makes sense.

I don’t think it’ll be tranquil or anything like that, since it’s for a fighting game, so there will be some tempo and some action behind it.

I suppose the ghost in the shell influence would fit with all the hype going on for the live action movie to draw in attention too.

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Considering the question this was responding to, it could just mean Shinsako is separate from Hisako ingame. It may not relate to lore. I don’t want OG’Hisako to be killed off (technically speaking)

Edit: changed “do” to “don’t” that was a major error.

I’m going to say this now: The snippet of Shin Hisako’s theme that was heard in AND for her teaser ALREADY sounds pretty GODLIKE :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:

She’s presented to be “Hisako” I don’t see how she’s a seperate entity at the moment, unless the original Hisako and her can both exist at the same time.

However do not let my thoughts mean I’m judging her harshly, I’m still waiting to see how she plays before I say anything else.

Holy ■■■■ I hear it! I’m HYPED!

Think of it like Sigfried and Nightmare. One of them was separated from the original and now there are 2.


Well nightmare is the physical embodiment of soul edge (inferno) and doesn’t really need Siegfried to become nightmare however he was the most suitable candidate to use.

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