Shin Hisako's instinct mode

I don’t see any use for it, seems rather pointless. The only strategy I have for it is to activate it near the end of the opponent’s life bar as a backup to win a match, but that’s it. Is there any use for it? It’s also annoying how I’m in the middle of a combo, close to cashing out a lot of damage and then the arms interrupt the combo, ending up doing less damage than what I could have cashed out. It also seems to slow down the pace of a match. Any tips? Should they add something to her instinct?

It makes people very jumpy and scared to stay on the ground. So free damage from anti airs, juggles, and recaptures if they jump out, free 25% damage grab if they stay on the ground. Lots of nasty setups you can do to ensure success.


Is there a video showing this?

Watch Max’s Week of Shin Hisako. He’s got some of it figured out.


Grab animation is a little slow. Me only issue with it.


Well, if it interrupts your combo, then at some point you actually dropped your combo for them to connect. In that manner, if you have a low potential damage combo going and the arms are right underneath them, drop the combo and if they aren’t holding up when you drop it, the hands have got them for a guaranteed damage payout of around 25% I think.

Like @Fwufikins said, it makes people jumpy and afraid to stay grounded. This allows a number of Shin Hisako’s air to air strats to come into play.

It also works against some moves you may not expect. Like Jago’s wind kick is caught by it, at least the non-shadow versions. I’ll try and test in lab to see if it grabs the shadow version as well, but it will stop wind kick abuse for a time. There are also other forward moving specials it will catch too, so it’s use is very deceptive sometimes.

It’s mainly a pressure tool though to make your enemy do what you want.