Shin Hisako's Colors


No hard feelings of course… Forgot to mention. I bought Kilgore without question and have never even selected him… So needless to say, I’m one of the die hards.


I know this is late but I have to say: This is literally how my girlfriend sounds any time I bring up something KI related. She plays nothing but Hisako, and she plays her based almost entirely on appearance and spookiness.

Me: "Hey boo guess what! Ultimate combos are coming back!"
Her: "Does Hisako have one yet?"
Me: "Well no, bu-"
Her:“Then it doesn’t matter to me.”

Me:"Hey boo, there’s a new character in KI!"
Her: "Fwuf I don’t care. You know I only play spooky waifu."
Me: "The new character is another Hisako."
Her:“Oh! Good to see the game finally moving in the right direction. ^ω^”