Shin Hisako vs Projectiles

When playing with Shin Hisako, how do you get in on characters that spam projectiles? I though the orb beats out all projectiles.

It beats out most, yeah.

With some matchups it can be tough getting in. You have rely on walking and blocking, wall jumps and sometimes waiting for your orb to get near the opponent.

She can’t. The orb beats but has short range. Its designed for setups use only, not compete with projectiles. You can however, make the orb go flying next to the opponnent, than use front dash to teleport close to him.

With time you will see that she don’t really struggle against projectiles or zonning. She has excellent Footsies, Excellent range, and excellent walk speed. Also a shadow attack that although not invencible can cross the entire screen and reward correct reads and a orb that can put her close to the opponent alfter some time. Combine everything, add patience and she can do pretty well against most Mu’s

She can walk into most traveling projectiles pretty easily. Just hit the orb with a medium or light sword attack (light rekka is good for this), and follow behind the projectile to eat up a decent amount of screen. If you get caught without the orb out, you may need to eat a fireball in the face in order to get it out so that you can put the cross slash on the screen. She doesn’t deal super well with non-fireball zoning or projectiles that just cross the screen instantly (portal punch, lasers), but “standard” fireball spam isn’t very good against her.


I just throw the forward moving orb out, sit back and build meter until it’s near them, once it gets close to them they’ll get defensive expecting a teleport or cross up and i just walk in instead. If they don’t care the orb is near them and keep zoning then i actually do the teleport.

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I was a playing against an Aria in ranked. When we were a full screen apart, I couldn’t do anything.

Yeah, Aria’s bass projectiles simply pass through other projectiles, so you’re pretty much stuck dealing with them. I’d recommend just sending an orb out and taking the chip damage (building meter in the process) until the orb gets within striking range. Once it’s on top of her, Aria has to respect it. Until then though, you’re pretty much stuck just walking and blocking.

Beware of the dragon cannon. You will NOT win.

Yeah, I played against my first Gorgos today and portal punch was annoying without meter and I had to get creative with my escape. Also shadow Spirit slice came in handy when he was get portal punch happy. Honestly it was pretty rough though.