Shin hisako on Kyle

I swear she was a pain to fight I thought she was going to be easy like Kilgore nope everytime she knocks you down and you get up she knocks you down and her instinct is a nightmare for Gargos I had to fly a lot when those hands where coming after me and her combos are hard to combo break.I’m not salty but I am giving you a warning make sure your real good.

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Correction: ANYONE is a ■■■■■ to fight on Kyle. Shin Hisako is the cherry atop the Kyle B.S. sundae.

Yeah the fact she knocks you down and keeps on doing it.

@TheKeits Speaking of Killer AI Shinsako…why is she able to do the demon hands straight out of instinct freeze? As in the screen freezes, and then you are immediately being pulled under before you have a chance to react?
Am I missing something? She pops instinct, and then the screen kind of skips to me immediately being pulled under.

Besides that she is amazing…I really like how she flows.

Because her instinct IS the hands. If you’re doing something punishable or even something that would keep you around them for to long, you gonna get got. This includes DPs and fast moves like Blade Dash.

No man Im talking before the instinct even finishes popping…like Immediate pulls you under regardless of what you are doing and how long she has popped instinct. Like instinct, freeze, going under.

Its not smooth at all… its very glitchy looking and feeling. I recorded it on XBox… might put on here when I get time.