Shin Hisako Known Bugs and ... weirdness

If u play Shin Hisako or went against her … u may have noticed that she looks like a normal character.
THAT IS … until her Instinct comes in and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.
I’ve been playing her for a bout a few weeks at this point and OMG … the ammount of Glitches u can start with her…
So far these are the ones that i found myself:

  1. If Shin Hisako Instinct is out and the opponent keeps hitting you as the Instinct finishes (meaning it didn’t grab the opponent) sometimes , it will glitch and it will remain on screen for more time. However it WILL deplete all your Instinct if it connects. Sometimes 2 pair of hands may appear although i’m not sure how this is triggered.
  2. If a Shadow Counter is Performed AS THE INSTINCT catches the opponent , the Instinct will glitch and u will see the enemy Clipping and then coming back… all normal except now ur opponent is literally OUT of Boundries. He can move outside of the Camera and some moves will make him go underground , literally , causing ur moves or his to miss completly
    2a) For some Reason Raam Shadow Move may drag him underground , to get back on the stage just keep jumping up.
  3. Should you do a Wall Splat ender and Call Shin Hisako Instinct your opponent may go straight to the other side of the screen and for some reason your Instinct will get consumed … remain Active but now it becomes a Low Attack that … doesn’t do anything really
  4. This one is specific against Aria … After defeating one of her bodies , If Shin Hisako Instinct is Right on top of the spot where Aria will Wake Up , as soon as the announcer says READY , Aria will be dragged by the Instinct … basically it’s an unblockable cause u literally can’t do anything to get out.

Bugs (preferably with screenshots, video and the like to make tracking them down easier) should be posted in the Bug Reporting thread.