Shin Hisako KI World Cup Teaser!

Wether you like her or not (people sure have made that known), my hype for this character has been taken to a new level


Honestly, I prefer the main Hisako. She just seems more interesting so far.

Well, if that’s similar to how she moves, then it looks good! Excited for the gameplay reveal.

The stance looks a bit better too


Yeah, she seems to be holding the sword closer to her shoulder and neck, and not completely straight up in front of her. Really hope that’s the case, cause it’d immediately go a long way to making her look a lot better.

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Do we really need 52 Shin Hisako threads? 1 for colors, 1 for stance, 1 for KIWC trailer, 1 for I like her, 1 for I dont like her???

this could have been in the other 3 Shin Hisako KIWC trailer threads.


The fact that she’s so fast and mobile in all the animations we’ve seen so far (sans stance) has me hyped!

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I agree, yet most of those threads are in General Discussion instead of here…

Yes can a moderator merge all the shin Hisako threads

that creepy smile though

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I noticed that too, her animations seem generally soothing, when she just stands there though it looks funky.

Shin Hisako is the first character to have me as HYPE as i was for all of the season 2 cast. The delivery in the teases, and the concept of the character in general, just really feels right.

I’m SO ready for the KIWC. I hope to chat with everyone in the stream!

She is smiling at me cause I’m going to main her:) But she better be good or else I’m going to main old Hisako.

SHIN HISAKO HYPE! :smiley: :grinning:

And then there was one left… Who could it be…?

I’ve been wondering: they could be calling the third character “completely brand new” just to throw us off since remix characters are new anyway. But if it is “new”, then I’m thinking it might be eagle, the tsar, a wendigo, the babylonian general, babylonian king or the nobleman. Still hoping it’s rushdown glacius.

Nope. Confirmed to not be a remix.


3rd character will be Crowley from Supernatural :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already knew that. I was just saying that they could be trying to derail us like they did with eyedol.

No with Eyedol they just threw around a couple negatives to imply that he wasn’t coming back. The statement about the new character is blunt.

Completely brand new is an interesting thing to say. It sorta implies there’s nothing about him/her in game at all and that the character don’t exist yet.

make me wonder if we even seen his/her name yet

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