Shin Hisako Colors/Customization

Alright. We know the colors are coming Monday, but let’s have some fun and guess at them while we wait. Plus, this can be a place to discuss our favorite options!

So of Shin Hisako is like Kilgore, she’ll have the suite of 9 Colors and a few recolors of an accessory set (or like Omen, just agree different ones).

Color 1) Default that we’ve seen
2) Black and Blue
3) Earth Tones
4)Gween Tea
5) Red
6) Purple and Black
7) Black and White
8) Japanese Flag themed
9) White robes, white hair

Accessory: Armor of my Father
-Samurai Mask
-Samurai Splint/Plate Mail
-Bigger Pauldrons

Accessory: Shin Anime
-Pig Tails
-Sailor Suit
-Cat themed armor


If Shin Hisako has Skull Accessories, I’m dancing.


Isn’t the skeletal samurai look already taken by Spinal’s retro?
Nevermind. Goth colors and skulls attached and my girlfriend would have a heart attack. Let’s do it.

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Spinal is no samurai but DH proved that he can fit into almost any known warrior trope via accessories.

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I mean, DH were the ones who did the samurai accessories since he’s a S1 character, but Spinal is fun and flexible. He probably has the best suite of costumes and accessories of anyone in the game.

I like to run this costume against my girlfriend’s Hisako and have lore battles with her :smile:


I need this mask for Shinsako!


I’m too hype as of right now.

You mean Omen? I mean he STILL needs accessories!

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Lol. yeah… But I really want this mask for her XD

Or how about this?!




If she has that as an accessory then we’re all calling her Ms. Samurai.

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If she has a Purple and Gold default armor skin…

I may become Color paralyzed at the hypeness that will come…

  1. Default

  2. Red,Gold, crimson lip

  3. Pastel Blue, black, black lip

  4. Coral, space grey, no makeup, brown hair

  5. Monochrome white

  6. Forest green, Hot pink, tanned skin, blonde hair

  7. Silver, red

  8. Sea foam green

  9. “Statue” solid all white

A Nohime costume would be awesome.

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A sure thing would be a mask
I’d like to see a hairstyle accessory

Would love a Kabuki look as an accessory.

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It depresses me that she’ll only get one accessory set like Kilgore.

That would be fitting.

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I prefer kitsune masks.

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This and I’m sold


Why not all?