She needs more than just Trephine in Combo Assist

I mean, I understand that Combo Assist is supposed to be training wheels, but somebody using it should have access to more than just Trephine when using it while playing Mira, as she has two other Linkers that the inputs could be mapped to (and Reaper would fit perfectly, because it’s a Punch input while Trephine is a kick input). That’s just what I think, at least.

With the recent combo assist changes the special tied to it has to be Special Cancellable off a normal, usable as a linker and have an ender version. As such the DB+K command grab doesn’t fit the bill since it can’t be used as an opener, but her DB+P Special does work and should be tied to the Punch buttons instead of Trephine.

I wonder if they have a specific reason for not going that route @TotalJimkata Should have more info on that I think

Maybe she’s just too good to be played for free like that. Granted I haven’t touched CA… Is Combo Assist available in ranked? If so, that probably explains it. If not, I don’t see why she wouldn’t have more than just Trephine.

Doesn’t D-B punch use blood though? Maybe they didn’t want combo assist linkers to lead to insane health loss for beginners who might not understand the mechanic.

I’m pretty sure Slide Linkers also cost a little blood, could be wrong. Either way, Reaver Linkers do, are definitely the big bad round accelerators. I’m pretty certain you’re correct. Especially if you can use CA in Ranked. Don’t know, at work so can’t check.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s so beginners don’t kill themselves. I mean, if someone is using combo assist then there is no way for them to regain health without doing the actual grab input themselves, so letting them kill themselves with a linker would be a nightmare for them.

You can definitely use CA in ranked.

As a note, all Mira’s medium and heavy linkers cost life to use, to limiting her to trephine won’t prevent a determined player from killing themselves. It’s possible that reaping costs more life than trephine, but both moves still hurt Mira when using any strength above a light.

Isn’t combo assist meant to use punch linkers for punch buttons, kick linkers for kick buttons?

This can’t be it. Getting the move via combo assist is as “free” as getting it by inputting a quarter-circle motion. (i.e. both are so stupidly easy that it’s hard to believe people complain about it.)

While the potential for in-game suicide is much more likely to be the cause, it is demonstrably untrue that a QCB motion is of identically lacking difficulty as a single button press. If your assertion were correct, CA wouldn’t exist.

Granted, I should have been clearer. She isn’t necessarily “too good to be played for free” (I’m just all ooh-rah about how beastly Mira is) but her Reaping Linkers could be too high value, both in cost and damage (risk/reward) to provide them in a system for beginners to learn with - unless that’s not what CA is for. Then I’m just at a loss. I don’t know.

If, however, it is supposed to help beginners learn the basics while having more room to focus on what is going on in game versus focusing on what they may percieve as “complicated” inputs, then I have figured it out!
I’ve been caught up on the cost of Reaping Linkers, ignoring the absence of Embrace Linkers on the grounds of ‘K is assigned to Trephine Linkers’. But why Trephine Linkers over Embrace if Trephine still costs blood? To reduce the amount of thought-time taken up by decision making in combo construction. Normally, we’ll be balancing Embrace vs. OTHER Linkers or Embrace vs. OTHER Enders based on our life and positioning and blahblahblahblah. This doesn’t sound like a big deal to some or most of us, it’s just fighting game decision making, it’s routine, it’s whatevs bruh. That simply isn’t the case for someone just picking up fighting games (which are free to download on the Xbox One, which is owned by… what, bajillions of 10-18 year olds who may not have played fighting games for 20 years, for temporal reasons). Reducing the necessary thought-stack to a mid-combo decision in Enders based more on how life you spent getting in provides more room to focus on (and thus learn) the rest of the split-second decision making that the KI combo system calls for.

I think that makes sense.