She Can't Bite This

I just had my 1st ever matchup against a Mira and ruined her day 10-0 (and she was a lvl. 50 killer to boot), so my initial thoughts are that the golem dominates this matchup - although 1 set against 1 opponent isn’t exactly being thorough. So, what do you think of this matchup?

Mira just came out. You can’t judge matchups just yet. I haven’t installed the patch yet. I will tommorrow. Then I will check this match up.

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Dude…she’s a day 1 character. Fights with Mira today (or tomorrow for that matter) aren’t remotely indicative of how the match-ups will ultimately shake out.


Jebailey did state during PAX East that Mira would be a good pick against Aganos with a bit of training behind her, and I can certainly see where that will come from.

First off, Blood Seekers are three homing bats (HP version, semi homing MP version) that will be very hard for Aganos to avoid. He’ll either have to just block them, Sh. Ruin through them, or hit Mira before the bats get in range. Otherwise, that’s going to either be an Aganos easily struck out of the air or with three less chunks if on the ground. Not sure if it’s better or worse that they’re super slow unlike Arbiter’s anti-chunk Carbine shots, considering the mixup madness Mira can gamble with.

*EDIT: Perhaps because those bats are so close together, maybe his light flick can swat all of them at once? I’m guessing with a well-timed flick, at least two seekers will go down, but that still leaves not only that one more bat, but also the seconds of vulnerability Aganos leaves itself in while Mira’s already closing in for a strike.

Air dash shenanigans (especially while in Instinct Mode) can prove to be completely nightmarish, probably worse than Rash or Sadira.

My best guess is that our best tool for this matchup is going to be a wall. Similar to how it makes Spinals and Fulgores a bit apprehensive, the wall will put a little fear into Mira’s offense. After all with all the stakes Mira sets herself up with, one counter breaker into Ruin wallbreaker will probably equal a devastating blow, if not a quick end to her.

Going by day one logic every character released after the initial season one 6 are all bad characters. You can’t just say you beat someone day one and that the match up is in your favor.

But for the sake of discussion: Judging by her tools this match up is going to be really hard for Aganos once people get her down. The far reaching MP that does 2 really fast hits is going to take armor like it’s nobodies business. The instantly tracking fireball shadow is going to make full screen chunks impossible. Mist form is going to say “nope” to any anti-air shadow ruin attempts. Also Aganos can’t shadow counter her shadow spiral arrow, it hits once then Aganos goes flying across the screen for some reason (probably a bug.) She can also use Aganos walls to her advantage, normally she has to sacrifice damage to go for the health regen ender, but near the wall she can get good damage off her wall-splat ender and then just command grab after it for decent health gain on top (plus doing this will take two hits off an Aganos wall) and it’s not like you can just put the wall behind her since she has a side switching opener. Also Aganos floaty jump and giant hitbox makes anti-air grabbing him super easy. On top of all that the damage differential is crazy big. Unless you manage to send her through a wall or two you’re never going to catch up on the damage front.

The bats don’t scare me at all. They’re slow on startup or on wakeup, so it’s easy to hit Mira before they often even come out. You guys also seem to forget that they disappear if you hit Mira. I know 1 match isn’t enough to quantify a matchup, but in my 1 match I was able to flick away all 3 bats easily (with appropriate timing of course) thanks to the new hitbox adjustments to his up-flick. Also, they’re so slow that it’s easy to destroy them using a peacemaker, payload, or simply by punching through them to hit Mira. I could be mistaken, but I also think they can be destroyed by an attack, much like Kan-Ra’s sand-swarms - at least that’s what it looked like to me. Although I’ll have to test that a bit more in the lab. I will admit though that her bats in instinct as well as her shadow version are a bit worrisome, due to how annoying the former can be and how quick the latter comes out.

Her Cammy-style kick doesn’t bother me either, since it hits mid and is easily blockable, even while standing, and even though she can cross-up with the MK version, it’s still blockable and can easily be anticipated.

What really does bother me about her is the mist-form. Her ability to use it to quickly react to a lot or go just about anywhere on screen genuinely worries me about the setups that she could start. Still, she does appear to be vulnerable on recovery, as she kind of hovers for an instant before falling to the ground once she reappears.

Her normals and other special move with the blood-swipes do have good range, but don’t beat the reach that Aganos has overall, so I’m not too concerned about those either, although the mid-into-low hit and mid-into overhead mixup is a minor concern, since I’ll have to be careful to read the animatins as I block it to ensure that it doesn’t open me up.

If she tries to bite me outside of a combo, well, there’s always shadow pulverize, especially if she uses the HP version, where I can potentially react to it.

One thing I’m surprised you guys haven’t really mentioned or talked about is her own blood magic - as much as it helps her, it also hurts her, and IMO, I think that levels the playing field in regards to damage quite a bit. Aganos can easily use this to his advantage, and so far, I have.

I think this match will be in Mira’s favor long term.

Early guess based on how incredibly pesky Mira can be around Aganos’s head (curious if better up-flick will be enough), a good grounded fierce attack, good armor stripping (shadow bats, probably other things), and Aganos having to take risks to avoid command throw. I imagine it’s decently easy for Mira to get to a range where Aganos hates his life due to mist form as well.

Possible weakness is Mira having a tough time dealing with Aganos j.HP because of her relatively weak-ish anti-airs (it seems).

I tend to agree with what everybody else has said. I jumped into Ranked with Mira and was quickly destroyed simply because I have yet to master her. Her potential is out the window, even more so than Sadira as she has ways to avoid corner pressure where Sadira struggled in that area. She is definitely going to be my second.

My goodness, it wasn’t until late last night that a few of her things started to actually click. I’m not worried about losses at the moment, I’m just focusing on utilizing her tech correctly.

I feel like Mira will rock this matchup, thanks to a few moves:

Standing MP
Jumping HP
Standing HK
Shadow Blood Seekers

St. MP and J. HP are quick multihitting moves that will probably shave off 3 chucks faster than Aganos can blink. Standing HK has ridiculous range and good speed. And shadow bats…say goodbye to your armor, anywhere on screen.

Early impressions of this mu is it feels similar to fighting omen for me.

As an Aganos player i tend to drive away when I dont like a Jump. Anti-Airing is cute when you have proper spacing but at a certain level you see where the jump arc is too awkward. So fierce ND and you end up full screen away safe unless of course your opponent has a quick mind and teleports or Shadow Cyber Dashes, or Shadow Rampages.

Also Mira’s back HP has better range and recovery than Maya’s and it ignores armor. Her st.HK has a deceptive hop so beware and being a grounded Fierce it also ignores Armor.