Sharing Clips and Screenshots needs to be Easier

Maybe IG can add this to the game itself or maybe Adam can pass this along to the Xbox team but it is not easy to share clips/images on Xbox to sites like Twitter. I follow mostly KI people and yet and only see #PSShare SFV videos. There is no way to share KI stuff easily.

how you mean?

I always have Smart Glass open when I play, something cool happens, just press record on it and the last minute of gameplay is recorded.

Have Windows 10 yet? (free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users for like 5 more months) … can download any of your game clips to your PC easily in mp4 format with the Xbox One App for Windows 10 PC

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If you’ve got the YouTube app on your XboxOne, you can upload clips from your Xbone right to YouTube by going to the “Uploads” menu in the sidebar and uploading a new thing.

I think Twitch announced that sometime this year, you’re going to permanently be able to save twitch videos too (limit is like 2 weeks right now)

I mean it’s ridiculously easy to share on the PS4. The steps I would use is record on the Xbox then go to and get a link there which doesn’t share as nicely as the PS4 share where the video is actually embedded and plays on site instead of redirecting you to

It’s a lot easier for a video to go viral that way than people seeing a link and not selecting it because they have no idea if the click is worth it.

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