Shapeshifter/Morphing character

MK has Shang Tsung for a shapeshifter. Spinal once had that ability.

But now its time for something new in the morphing.

Nah - it’s completely lazy, unoriginal, and boring. Older games only did it to save memory or some other technical facet of the game.

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As an instinct? Nah. Too lazy. As a ender and lets you morph for a few seconds? Sure. But how would Fulgore,Spinal or characters with a special meter work?

i am no agree with this… i prefer a new unique character that one that shape in every one…

Aria uses this concept to shift between three modes.

I like the idea and I like Spinal’s old Enders where he would ghost the opponent. With the waygsmeswork today it’s tough to handle all the memory required to keep multiple characters in the game at once. Shang Sung used to have a little loading pause on all the home systems and it would be even worse now…

Maybe lazy, but only if there was a character that would have that ability.,h_1800,w_2443/t_mp_quality/jennifer-lawrence-as-mystique-in-2014-x-men-wallpaper-mystique-jennifer-lawrence-solo-movie-certain-to-follow-deadpool-jpeg-138790.jpg

Unless they can make it a move for a character.