Shago's annilation weaknesses

EDIT: Ok I discovuerd a few things abou Annilation:

1- You can’t hit anyone while they are in blockstun, fallin to the ground, or in the middle of staggering.

2- It’s got low priority like Cinder’s trailblazer meaning you can get whacked out of it, so I’d be easy in using this move.

So far that’s about all the weakneses it seems to have. your thoughts.

I was a bit worried about it being way to dirty of a move but it may have some things to keep in line. Still…

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It looks mad risky, and the meter burn is REAL. Other characters are more than capable of pulling way more than 48% out of their opponent in instinct, so it’s definitely nothing I’d consider super powerful considering you need to burn 99ish% of your instinct meter to max out damage. Can’t combo into it either.

At first I felt REALLY dirty and unclean for using it to much because I used on my brother alot when he was at lower half of his life and I would just win instantly. But that was before we discovered how risky the move is. It still feels like it does a BIT too much damage at max though. I think all it needs is a reduction in damage and it would be perfect.

Also: Side note: Ultimates are hard as f*ck to get. Lol so I doubt anywho complains about them being “too many all the time” have a void argument. Still kinda bums me out but I miht be going off topic.

Seems like dropping the damage on it would make it pretty unattractive in comparison to what you can get from the tether.

Helll I never got the update last night and waited till 11pm!

Hoping its updated when i get home for lunch.

Im looking forward to finally having my Main team: OMEN & SHADOW JAGO

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I think this is designed to be more like Omen’s Dark Despair move. It’s super hype when you get it. But is it a viable, high level strategy? Probably not. Is it the best use of his instinct meter? Probably not. Are people going to do it to their friends and then brag about it? hell yeah.

Personally, I just think it’s another cool link between Shago and Omen. I can recognize that maybe the decisions don’t always work out perfectly, but I love it when you can see that the developers put thought into what they were doing. I think through both seasons the KI team(s) have been really good about that.

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Those aren’t exactly weaknesses, those are just normal properties of a grab. I do think the grab is active for a bit too long, you can cancel an autodouble into it and your opponent will recover right into the active frames.

I definitely see utility in this context - Opponent has <48% health, Shago has full instinct, and a solid read on the opponent being unaware/open for a grab (a really telegraphed, attention-getting grab at that).

But… that’s pretty dang specific/situational.

How is the startup of that move ?

I’m at work at the moment, otherwise I’d grab the frame data for ya.

So for now, I’ll say “dramatic”.

The real question is “is it jumpable after the flash?” That’s really the only thing that matters about it in terms of start-up. Seriously though, is it? I haven’t played against him enough to know yet :-p

I think the damage is fine. If you nerf that, there really will be no purpose to using it in lieu of the other cool things you can do in instinct. 48% unbreakable for your entire instinct bar seems fair to me - instinct is a very powerful mechanic after all.

Instinct cancels into Annihilation punishes are definitely a thing though. Whiffing moves on Shago when he has full instinct is a very dangerous proposition o_O

Yeah but admittedly people may become too reliant on it. The fact that you can wipe out half of your opponents health and even claim the match in such a fashion it’s a bit nuts. Sure the disadvantages are clear but I think there’s going to be one too many cases where that may just be a bit a cheap. Who knows, maybe I’m looking to far ahead of this. It’s only been oneday since Shago’s been out after all.

I think unless you are in the midle of an active attack you’re pretty much stuck in movement.

Well, I checked it myself because I’ve got it thanks to Ishmae1 during Lcd’s stream (thanks again sir).

There are no info about the frame of that move. But that thing looks far slower than Omen’s despair. I need to work to find something that make it useful (with omen, you can do a meaty command grab after an orda shield ender, but the opponent needs to quick rise).

I noticed that I beat a demon blade with it though (Imay have hit the startup of the move because Shago only has grab invulnerability). But I like it, reminds me, in a way, of Decapre’s DCM (way slower, without the hit grab property and projectile invulnerability but more active and grab invulnerable)

You guys shouldn’t fear Annihilation. It’s 1 small burst of almost half a life bar. I would be more concerned with what Shadow Jago can do ANYTIME with dark fury off a throw and some meter, let alone what he can do in instinct with it. I’ve seen 100%+ combo’s already. Soo… Yeah… Spend instinct on a 48% burst, and still lose the match because you gotta earn the rest of the damage, or do 100%+ with a 1/3 guess break juggle combo. I vote do NOT get thrown into a fireball… It sucks…

However, Dark Fury does look pretty in combo =)

indeed that vid has some spooky stuff but I’m sure those combos can be broken. You cannot break Annilation once it has you. Not even Fulgore’s Hype-Beam can take more than half of your life-bar on it.

I’m not saying that the move is that OP, but I can understand how frustrated some folks are. According to some of the folks it’s actualy pretty easy to land an annilation move if your opponent whiffs a DP.

Shago’s mechanics are so fun I think he just bumped Jago off of my number 3 spot. lol. Though I won’t really ever use Annihilation if my foe is less then half. I want a good fight and it’s a shame to end it so quickly.

It’s true, but it’s a pure 1/3 guess and remember that anything that can be broken can be counterbroken.

Somewhere in one of these threads someone said “everything in this game is OP.” I think that sums it up well. People have wild offense and I pretty much count on losing half a life bar every time I get opened up. In my experience, which is still accumulating, when I get hit with annihilation it’s not really doing anything that off scale.

I think this move is very much a threat at high level play because of how is is used. The only situation I use it in (and the best way to use it) is as a punish so it is unavoidable. The moment the opponent does something unsafe, I pop instinct and go for the grab, works every time.