Shago Ultimate

I was under the idea it could only be done if you still had your first health bar yet somehow on the last match I played I did it again after my first health bar had been depleted kinda felt bad about it is this a bug

Which ultimate? Annihilation or his finishing ultimate?

Annihilation I was like wtf

Annihilation can be activated anytime as long as you have instinct active. Does more damage the more Instinct gauge you have left. His finisher ultimate requires you to be on your first life bar to activate it.

Ok thanks for clarifying that I thought it was a bug or something

I honestly feel that the annihilation instinct move takes away the thunder of the Ultimate. Not really understanding why they allowed this move. His instinct already has frame advantage, the dark shackles that steals shadow meter and the gift of shadow.

The Ultimate doesn’t seem special at all knowing you can do it twice per match and it doesn’t kill the opponent…but if you do it at the end it does.

And also its not really an Ultimate…an Ultimate is done mid combo as an Ender… this is more of a No Mercy.

I’M NOT HATING…I’m just sayin…that is all

Valid point and I feel kinda bad because I have had 2 moments so far where I used it as a crutch to close matches I probably should’ve lost but then again I feel less guilty for the fact that it can be blocked or jumped over

You noted the distinction between the annihilation and the ultimate then proceeded to refer to the annihilation as the ultimate. You kind of confused yourself with this post. The ultimate cannot be done outside of a combo and there is no dizzy state so you are wrong about it being like a no mercy.

yeah whatever…i still think it takes away from the epicness of the ultimate.

you know what im getting at

I would like the Annihilation to have a different animation. That or make the ultimate way more powerful at the end.