Shago safe counter breaker

how to do it is let the recap hit once then do it, or recap then mash counter breaker.

It seems like it’s a glitch with Shadow Jago’s momentum being too strong after trying to counter break off a specific hit or frame of his Shadow Divekick move. It looks like it clicks in when it’s meant to recapture. While it would make him fairly safe from punishment in the right direction/situation, there’s no real advantage to it, since it seems to reset the situation with so much distance, it would be hard for you to begin any kind of offense on the character.

It’s not really safe, but the distance it puts between the players makes punishment super hard, but Shadow Jago still has recovery frames from the failed attempt. It will probably be patched at some point once the developers take notice. I would suggest maybe bringing it to their attention. @developers may want to check out this glitch.

Lol nah keep it he needs it kappa