Shago overhead can be grabbed mid air. Bug or balanced?

So Shago’s overhead can be grabbed while he’s mid air. Is this a bug that should be reported or is this for balancing reasons?

The move is so punishable on block, has so much startup and we have Orchid’s overhead that was patched and can’t be grabbed. It seems overkill that it can be grabbed.

The move is -3, it’s only punishable on block by DPs and the start up is about the same as everyone elses overheads, heck it’s actually faster than Orchid’s. I think it’s fair that it can be grabbed, keep in mind that unlike Orchid’s overhead it can be cancelled into from normals and it gives you a stagger state.

Good points.

Then all that’s left is the weird animation of having a character that’s fully in the air being grabbed. Happened to me twice and I find it strange every time. It’s really a shame because the move itself is awesome in every way.

I haven’t seen this get grabbed, but presumably this is on startup right? One of the things about this overhead is that it has good range. It’s probably not one you should be using from right up in the other guys grill…

Max complains about it here.

Put the video on 0.25 speed and noticed Omen grabs him right in the middle of the animation when Shago is clearly in the air.

It might have been for balancing purposes but it is strange as heck.

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I think it’s for good balance. I think most overheads can be grabbed out of except for Orchid’s.