Shago not in package?

I had purchased the ultimate pack for KI and it said Shadow Jago was part of the pack yet I don’t have him unlocked. Is this a bug or is he actually not part of the ultimate edition?

I’m not sure if it says that or not. A lot of people dropped 20$ on Shago. If he’s included with Ultimate, you got a pretty good deal.

It says he’s part of a bundle when you try to purchase him and highlights ultimate edition…

Wait, what “Ultimate Edition”? The Pin Ultimate Edition from way back in Season one? Because as far as I’m aware the only editions of the game are Combo Breaker, Ultra, Supreme, and Definitive.

Sorry it is the Supreme edition

Oh, then no, Shago is not part of the Supreme Edition. Honestly if you bought it recently you should try to get a refund and buy the Definitive Edition. Comes out tomorrow, same price as Supreme edition, more content, exclusive skin, Shago included.

Bought it awhile back sadly just been going through some life changing events and couldn’t do anything about it.

And when I got the supreme edition it did say it included shago so…there is that.