Shago matchups

So I just randomly went to look up KI match ups and saw shagos match ups he beats about 6 characters (~5.2)and is even with everyone else. Can someone explain to me why that is

Because Shago is a noob killer.

If you dont have above average reactions, and a full knowledge of his move set, you cant win.

So he easily beats over 50% of all players, no matter how skilled the actual USER of him is.

@ZDhome I believe he said characters, not players.

OP, those numbers do not account for individual players’ inherent skills and are just representations of two characters tools against one another at a reasonably equal level. “You can beat anyone and anyone can beat you”… I’d like to vote in this quote for the next KI t-shirt?

The characters stats are only the way they are because of the people playing them.

Well - it would help if you divulged which 6 characters this information purports to be bested by Shago. Otherwise this is a moving target in the dark.

A link to the source would help too.

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In a way, that is correct. But when it comes to match-ups, he hasn’t mentioned a specific site so I don’t know if someone, somewhere is tabulating character stats based on KI players, but otherwise match-ups have to be based off of the moves and characters, not players.

Correction 9 not 6

I’ll have to check that when I get home from work - but already I can tell you that Eventhubs isn’t a great source for KI info.

I dabble in Shago so I might have some insight on the specific MUs.

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OK thxs what would be a good place to look up match ups then

Eventhubs tier list for KI didn’t restarted since S2. When S3 came out, the ratings weren’t set to 0, so many match ups remained the same, even knowing many character got balance changes and some characters are very different now. Maya and Spinal were redesigned in some aspects, and every character got a lot of changes.

You are using obsolete info at best, misinformed and biased at worst.

If you want to have a tier list, I recomend you to openly ask for a character MU in this forum, but listen mostly to arguments, not simple numbers like 7-3 , 5-5, or whatever.

And in advance and IMO, worst MU in this game is 6-4, and Shago it’s more a player counterpick than a character counterpick: Some people lose to him not because he is OP or has advantageous MU, they lose because they don’t know how to stop him. And he CAN be stopped

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Yep, going to agree with @Dayv0 here, only adding that we’re not even 2 months into Season 3, so even the most accurate tier-lists at present time will become obsolete in no time flat.

I also agree that the worst MUs in this game are roughly 6-4. Though as Hisako, Riptor feels like a 7-3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I would, however, be happy to discuss specific Shago MUs if you’d like.

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I love this type of discussion. Tell me, in your opinion, who are the 3 best and worst Shago MU and why?

I will elaborate mines later

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I’m at work, so I’ll opt for 2 and 2 for now.
Based on my time with him, here’s my take. A more experienced Shago may disagree.

Aganos: (In Shago’s Favor)
Shago can play run-away particularly well in this MU. Between fireballs, surged-DKs and Pizza Cutter, chunks come off easy. He’s huge so juggles are less challenging for Shago.

Glacius: (In Shago’s Favor)
It’s really tough to bully people with traps when they can barely be pinned down; Shago makes great use of his zany mobility in this MU. Mid range and up-close, Shago has far superior footsies, which aids him even more now that cold shoulder is as unsafe as it is at present. Glacius being so slow makes him susceptible to grabs, which Shago can convert into juggles or recapture for full combo.

Sadira: (Not in Shago’s Favor)
Sadie simply doesn’t often occupy the range that makes Shago strong. His DKs are far less effective on a constantly mobile character who is airborne for half of the match. To make matters worse, his non-standard DP angle isn’t the best for keeping her out of her preferred ranges.

Cinder: (Not in Shago’s Favor)
This is another example of a character who has very effective in ranges/spaces that Shago is not. Cinder also has better wake-up game in general. Shago really need not enter into a “juggle-off” with this one particular cast member.

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Funny, you didn’t mention Spinal, IMO a really bad match up for Shago.

He can’t be zoned(either teleport or power devour), he can nuliffy Shago’s instinct and shadow meter gain, both ESSENTIAL for him, he can’t be fished with a long range slide(power devour stops it, gives skull and punish opportunity)… In Shago’s favor, has superior footsies and can apply good preassure against Spinal due his poor wake up game, but it’s not enough.

Kan-Ra isn’t easy to slallow for Shago too. Slippery, hard to zone, has good punishes, spends a lot of time in the air…